a day off

why do some days at work drag on but your days off fly by? doiron and i have been driving all over austin/ round rock/ georgetown trying to do some christmas shopping and being entirely unsuccessful. we did find a few things that just couldn’t be passed up at sparkle kids. i am in love with this consignment shop, it was so hard not to stockpile a few things for zehla, but it just feels like bad luck so i resist.

in other news doiron just had his one year checkup, can we talk about the size of this boys noggin and feat!? he has jumped from the 50th percentile across the board to 80th in head circumference and height. grandpapa hahn got this man some socks and shoes while he was visiting, 2/3T socks and size 6 shoes . . . here are a few pictures from our day


meaty feats/ cons n’ hat/ running errands

ps. we are going to the trail of lights tonight! so excited cus it doesn’t really feel like christmas and there’s less then a week left *tear*

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