a walk in the park

mr. doiron has not been feeling well . . . we were up most of last night cuddling away a fever and he had a rough day with daddy today.  thank goodness for baby ibuprofen, i want doiron’s body to learn to fight sickness on its own, so we are staying away from antibiotics as much as possible, and we had aspirations of abstaining from fever reducers as long as it was a low grade fever.  however, a miserable baby is heartbreaking, especially when you know there is remedy that when used sparingly is harmless.  twenty minutes after a small dose, some cuddle time with mama and a little milk, our giggly monkey was back!  pending a good nights sleep, i hope to resume our morning ritual walk through our backyard, pflugerville park, it’s lovely and on these fall mornings a light fog wafts over the trees, here’s a little peek.

oh and doiron’s amazing beatles shirt by trunk is available here

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