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It’s New!

I am getting over my sadness of the end of Christmas. Santa was very good to all of us this year, my #1 “want” was granted with the gift of a video camera from my Dad and step-mom. We took it out for a spin yesterday at the park, and today I played with my new used MacBook given to me by my santa-boss (aka Mama!) and the result can be seen here.

What else is New? This year! Well almost, just two days away but I’m anxious and starting my fresh start now. . . on the list:
Doing a quick pick-up of the house every night
Eating Better, cooking more
Going on walks with my baby, and my hubby if he’s willing

There’s more but extenuating circumstances prevent those from happening quite yet, but there’s a sense of optimism in the air and all will work out for the best very soon, I feel.


I simply cannot believe that christmas is over! It completely flew by me and I feel like I missed out on so many things. My New Years resolution is to become a much more organized person so that this does not happen again…we will see. On the other hand, Christmas Day itself was very enjoyable and it was great to watch my ten year old nephew and Doiron open gifts together. Doiron still didn’t quite get the hang of it, but man did he strike gold. Everyone always says that divorce is bad for the kids, but what they don’t say is how great it is for the grand kids! Four sets of grandparents and eight sets of great grandparents really adds up. Every year I promise to do my thank you cards, so far I haven’t ( that includes wedding shower/ wedding/ baby shower and baby and now two Christmases!) I have drawers full of pretty cards and gift lists, these people deserve more thanks than I can ever offer…step one in mission organization will be writing these thank yous! Step two, finding a place for all of Doiron’s toys. Here’s a few snippets from our Christmas Day (I got a video camera last night, so stay tuned for longer, better videos! *eek*)

a day off

why do some days at work drag on but your days off fly by? doiron and i have been driving all over austin/ round rock/ georgetown trying to do some christmas shopping and being entirely unsuccessful. we did find a few things that just couldn’t be passed up at sparkle kids. i am in love with this consignment shop, it was so hard not to stockpile a few things for zehla, but it just feels like bad luck so i resist.

in other news doiron just had his one year checkup, can we talk about the size of this boys noggin and feat!? he has jumped from the 50th percentile across the board to 80th in head circumference and height. grandpapa hahn got this man some socks and shoes while he was visiting, 2/3T socks and size 6 shoes . . . here are a few pictures from our day


meaty feats/ cons n’ hat/ running errands

ps. we are going to the trail of lights tonight! so excited cus it doesn’t really feel like christmas and there’s less then a week left *tear*

i heart midwives

i got a sweet surprise when i got home from work today. not only did my sister make a delicious dinner, but i got my first gift for supporting the birth story kickstarter campaign! i still haven’t seen the movie but I’m going on January 22, and my second gift for supporting it will be a copy of the DVD, which i’ll receive in may.


that being said…baby fever is stirring up! but hopefully the birth of a new nephew in february will suffice. bryan and i have a few goals we would like to meet before we try for our zehla doris….stable careers, our own house, etc. but i ache to be pregnant again, it was marvelous, i felt healthy and beautiful, and that’s a whole other post. i do plan on writing my birth story soon, until then here is a picture from that amazing night. here’s the inspiring Debra Day, one of four amazing midwives i was blessed to experience, weighing my brand new baby boy.


Hug your babies

today’s news rendered me speechless. i was sitting in my stores offsite christmas booth when my step brother told me there was another shooting. my heart skipped a beat, then i had to smile for the customers. once there was a clearing i hunted for details, kindergartners. my eyes swelled with tears, then more customers and more forced smiles. i worked for the next eight hours not allowing myself to think about it, then during the last hour of my shift i could barely recite change to my customers without my voice cracking. a mother came in the booth with her two children, a boy and girl, i’m guessing around 4 and 5. she was the most tender loving mom I’ve seen in a while, hugging and caressing and kissing her children every time they were near enough, my whole body ached for my baby. when they whined because they weren’t getting presents she held them and reminded them christmas is a week away, when they wanted to sign her credit card receipt, she let them sign under her name.

these children will never doubt that their mother loves them. and neither will doiron. there will be boundaries and he will get in trouble, but i will always speak on his level and there will ALWAYS be hugs and kisses. the minute i shut my car door i whaled for all of the babies who, in the words of our president “had their innocence ripped away from them too soon” and the ones who had their lives ripped away from them too soon, and the mommies who had their babies ripped away from them too soon. not just in Connecticut but everywhere. i have never loved anyone so fiercely as i love my son and the thought of life without him leaves me numb and heartbroken. i am unfairly lucky in the fact that i don’t have to stay in this baby-less universe, and too many tonight do. all i can do is live the life i’ve been granted, and cherish every wonderful moment i have, because tomorrow i may not be this lucky. and so i leave you with this. i wanted to capture the warm greeting i receive every night in hopes that it might warm your wounded soul and help us all to focus on the beautiful parts of this world that exist. dieu vous bénisse et bonne nuit.

One Year

it happened, my little squishy baby has become a big walking, “talking” climbing boy. These past 12 months have been so amazing, every day brings something new accompanied by the most natural routine. Every morning Doiron wakes me up with a sweet little sigh, he greets me with a smile from his crib and we climb in our warm bed for some milk. I’m not ready to forgo this ritual, it’s nourishing, comforting and perfect, for both of us. If we don’t fall back asleep we go for a walk or just to the living room to play. Doiron loves anything that plays music, has buttons to push or can hold something else. I’d say his favorite toy is a toss up between the Tupperware drawer and a little piano that plays the Jackson 5. I used to watch tv and movies like nobodies business, these days nothing is more entertaining than watching baby and daddy laughing and playing together.

We had a great birthday celebration with a lot of family and friends. Grandma and Grandpa Hahn were in town to make sure Doiron was thoroughly spoiled on his first birthday, and his Great Grammie and aunt and uncle came in from Houston. It’s been bittersweet for me, as I’ve finally fully realized how busy I will be every year on his birthday…. But I am determined to make it special for him. I will do my best to make his cake every year, but making 3 dozen tamales may be a bit overkill. He will always be surrounded by people who love him and feel special on his day. Here is a little montage of the first half of Doiron’s birthday weekend…enjoy!

Pretty Pictures

I had plans of coming to you with a “Mama’s Day Off” post . . . we had a marvelous time at the Christmas Parade and tree lighting, but I’m too proud of the roll of film I just got back. I had to share it! I have a lot to learn still but thanks to an amazing Lomography shop on congress, I think I’ll be able to pick it up! All of these are untouched . . . Visionnement heureux!

Bath time at Gma and Gpa's house in California Playing with Gma and Gpa at lunch Going home to see Daddy Pflugerville has some beautiful colors Foxy Chalk Drawing in Pfluger Park Playing in the trees Drooling for Christmas!

Today is all about planning for a certain FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Wish me luck!!!

Mama’s Day Off

I knew I wanted to be a mom ever since my big sister had her baby. My girl friends (who are now plastic surgeons and lawyers) used to joke that I was going to school just to be a housewife. I never imagined I would be learning to take over the family business, I have an immense sense of pride in my stores, Austin Rocks and Wild About Music, I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine my life any other way. I got to be a stay at home mom for three weeks after Doiron was born, it was both glorious and dreadful at the same time. I won’t lie, I pout from time to time about the moments I am missing with my ridiculously adorable and fast growing baby, and I read the blogs of many stay at home moms with a taste of envy in my mouth. But I revel in my time at work and am fascinated with the ins and outs of running a business (or two). Having my time away from Doiron only makes me strive to make our time together as meaningful as possible. And so I bring you “Mama’s Day Off,” here I shall document our adventures from minuscule to grand, Doiron and I are flattered you are joining us!

Today we started with a Christmas-esque breakfast (just a hint: muffins and almost-one-year-olds are a messy affair, I couldn’t bare to document the aftermath, sorry).

20121128-203158.jpgAlso check out my girlfriends amazing site for all you foodies, Fridgg

Then Doiron helped me assess an art project in progress for work…

Enough work mom, you promised adventure! To Georgetown we went, I’m in LOVE with this city, I dream of living in one of its beautiful historic houses, even though it would mean doubling my commute to work. It’s not rare for Doiron and I to drive around and drool at the homes while listening to Harry Potter on CD; ok I drool, Doiron sleeps.
Today, we happened upon San Gabriel Park…I cried it was so beautiful. I imagined my family riding their bikes to the park for a picnic and to feed the geese, birthday parties under the arbor and dunks in the lake on sweltering summer days. Doiron, pictured riding one of the geese….


And finally, no trip to Georgetown is complete without a visit to the Little Loft of Georgetown, they have a lovely selection of second hand clothes for the wee ones at amazing prices.

I am a HUGE advocate of shopping local and thrifting! Thanks to the Little Loft I can dress Doiron in style, why do all little boy clothes have to have a puppy dog or sail boat on it?

Stay tuned for more adventures, up next…. Downtown Austin’s Holiday Sing Along and Stroll and Georgetown’s Holiday Home Tour

Can ya tell I like Christmas yet!?