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Fall flew by!

The problem with loving this time of year is how quickly it passes by!  I picked my nephew Michael, or should I say Mike, up from school the other day and took the boys to a local pumpkin patch.  We got some great photos before I ran out of memory on the camera, someday I will have my very own beautiful DSLR camera . . . but for now I picked up a great film camera for only 30 bucks at a store I’ve fallen in love with, Steph’s Stuff.  In other news, Doiron went on an audition for a huggies commercial after being scouted in a coffee shop, he had a call back, but unfortunately they want the whole family, so I don’t think we’ll be getting the gig . . . but it was a crazy experience to have none the less! Doiron and I shared a cold over the weekend, both are on the mend and SOOOOO ready for our trip to California, Doiron will finally get to meet Auntie Ambi and Pammy!!!!!!  Followed by lots o love from the coastal grandparents.  For now, here are some Pumpkin Pics to ooo and aww over . . .

wear that baby

it’s international baby wearing week!  the very first piece of baby gear i thrifted was a moby wrap, and doiron lived in it his first few months of being.  i then found a sakura bloom sling and loved that just as much, ok maybe a little bit more because it’s slightly more stylish.  i set out to pull some of my favorite photos of doiron and i wrapped up together but uncovered many a daddy’n’baby photo that melted my heart all over again.  although most of these pictures are from doiron’s earlier months we still don our wrap every time we go out together and i love this so much more than a stroller or carseat.  there’s nothing to lug around and i get to cuddle with doiron and whisper in his ear.  also, i love that he’s on eye level with everyone else and is interacting face to face.  i have just submitted myself in the running to participate in the next sling diaries, i’m sure i wont be chosen, but its nice to dream.  enjoy these daily doirons from the past, I know i did.


so cool

the weather was ridiculously amazing this weekend.  we went hunting for a farmers market on saturday, were severely disappointed. however, we happened upon a sidewalk chalk festival in round rock making it the perfect outing for the first chill of the season.  we followed it up with cozy fires and a little halloween decorating.  here are some bits and pieces from our weekend.

kids chalk art | love our sakura bloom | beautiful cardinal | mama and baby yankee ponies | purple bat | best apple ever | obsessed with this house | Doiron helping decorate for halloween


contrary to popular belief, October is my absolute favorite month. it brings crisp air and the promise of pumpkins and apple cider, followed by family feasts and Christmas trees! (Yes plural!) this fall has not disappointed it has been beautifully cool and windy (by Austin’s standards). Here are a few photos from Doiron and I’s first fall adventure….



Tomorrow I have the rare pleasure of having Saturday off… We have big plans…farmers market, pulling out Halloween decor, and meeting up with old friends (so excited!) I will be absolutely astonished if we achieve it all!

a walk in the park

mr. doiron has not been feeling well . . . we were up most of last night cuddling away a fever and he had a rough day with daddy today.  thank goodness for baby ibuprofen, i want doiron’s body to learn to fight sickness on its own, so we are staying away from antibiotics as much as possible, and we had aspirations of abstaining from fever reducers as long as it was a low grade fever.  however, a miserable baby is heartbreaking, especially when you know there is remedy that when used sparingly is harmless.  twenty minutes after a small dose, some cuddle time with mama and a little milk, our giggly monkey was back!  pending a good nights sleep, i hope to resume our morning ritual walk through our backyard, pflugerville park, it’s lovely and on these fall mornings a light fog wafts over the trees, here’s a little peek.

oh and doiron’s amazing beatles shirt by trunk is available here

here we are

i’ve decided to try this blogging thing again, this time with a little help from my husband who is learning programming and taking cues from other blogs that i absolutely adore.  today i’m copying bleubird blog with a bits and pieces post in the hopes that you can get to know me a bit with a glimpse into my world . . . jouir

  1. sunday breakfast on a wednesday
  2. helping mama work
  3. freshly thrifted clothes pour bébé doiron
  4. all clean baby monkey