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Raised in the Texas hill country outside of Austin in a small bubble, popped that bubble and moved to Los Angeles in high school then to Northern California for college. After a few years in the corporate world, I moved back to Austin to run my family's 20 year old business and build a family. Now I'm doing my best to raise my son (more to come) in the Texas hill country without a bubble. Wish me luck!

8 & 9/52


8/52 counting down till summer when we can be naked all the time




9/52  These two have my whole heart


52 Weeks // A portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014

Doiron Dale:  Right before we lost our breakfast at the Y during our first swim lesson . . . .



Doiron calls me “mama” and as of this week sometimes just “ma,” hearing this sound out of his mouth melts my heart every time.  There’s this new book out, I’ve heard the author interviewed several times on different platforms “All Joy and No Fun” I haven’t read it yet, and I don’t think I will.  Sure being a parent means I don’t go out every week with my girlfriends and miss out on many things others describe as “fun” but this, motherhood, is what I was made for (and running a few kick ass stores).  Apparently there are studies out there showing that people with children are less happy, and that may be true for some, and that’s ok.  But I feel fully confident in saying that nothing has made me happier than having two sticky hands wrap around my neck and two drooly lips pucker for a kiss.  Ironic, I suppose, that I’m now going to share this video that made me bawl like a little baby.  And yes, some of them were from sadness, but mostly they are tears of disbelief that I get to experience the love of a mother which comes in many shapes and from many circumstances, but nonetheless a love that some may never feel.  Enjoy this short film, and take what you will from it, for me, I take away a feeling of gratitude for every. single. bit. of my life. (even the credit card debt).  Thanks for visiting, Je t’aime.




52 Weeks // A portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014
52 Weeks // A portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014

Doiron Dale, under the weather this week = chocolate for breakfast and tissues on hand

The Hahn Homestead

When I was in middle school, I would fake sick to stay home and watch HGTV, I cringe now to think of the “designing” I idolized from the wallpaper borders on Room by Room to the rubber stamping talents of Carol Duval.  The 90’s were a fantastic era.  Fast forward to present day, my husband and I purchased a house a little under a year ago and I’ve spent all of my free time (and money) making it a home.  With a tight budget, a bit of creativity, and a pinch of pinterest I’ve become quite proud of our little homestead, so I thought I’d share a little bit of it with you.  We’ll start with the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Our’s isn’t large and it’s not new, but it suits us pretty perfectly right now.  Most of the items you see were either wedding presents or goodwill treasures . . . the shelves on the wall were all collected from thrift shops and garage sales and painted in the same color, I created the light fixture with jars I’ve collected and lanterns bought on sale.  Our dining room table was a gracious hand-me-down from my step mom which I stripped and stained as I found out I was pregnant with Doiron.  Enjoy this little peek into my home, It’s like taking a walk at night and peering into your neighbor’s windows, except not as creepy (everybody does that right?  I mean purely to see how they’ve designed their home, right?) ok, for real here are some pics that aren’t of my toddler (well mostly). alright. here you go.

fav migas H light banana1 deer buddah LR

drawPS. Please forgive the lame iphone/ bad lighting quality of my photos . . . someday this blogger might own a proper camera.



Doiron has a new favorite toy.  My stomach, and as of last night the parts of my stomach that he discovered wrap around to my back.  He loves to lift my shirt, blow raspberries, grab it by the handful, knead it . . . . and I LOVE it.  I’ve always been self conscious of my stomach, which hasn’t been flat since I was seven years old, but then I got pregnant and it was my absolute favorite part of my body.  I felt like a goddess, even when stretch marks started to encircle my belly button, I thought it was marvelous.  After Doiron was born, the weight just fell off with the help of breastfeeding and occasional yoga, last summer I weighed less than I did when I graduated high school and I proudly wore a bikini displaying my tiger-belly.  However, now that Doiron is no longer breastfeeding and there’s this amazing bakery around the corner from my store with the BEST peanut butter cookies, the pounds have snuck back up on me. I’m ok with the fact that I may never have a flat belly, I want to be healthy and active for my family but I also don’t want to shame my body into trying to fit someone else’s shape.  I’ve been following this 4th trimester bodies project for sometime and I’ve just discovered they are coming to Austin in April, and I’m hoping to get involved as it speaks to everything I believe and is just. so. beautiful.  At the very least I can’t wait to own a copy of the final book, so please take time to check out and maybe support such an important message and support the women around you to believe in themselves and the amazing things their body can do.  As Ina May famously said, Your Body Is Not A Lemon.



80 Weeks Postpartum
80 Weeks Postpartum


52 Weeks // A Portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014
52 Weeks // A Portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

Doiron Dale: I will never tire of watching this boy sleep . . . ok maybe when he’s 16 and I’m fighting to get him out the door for school? We’ll see . . .


If it were completely up to me, Doiron would never have his hair cut, but Bry didn’t love his son being called a girl all of the time, and it did seem to annoy D that his hair was constantly in his face.  So we compromised on a trim, I heard about a salon nearby that’s just for kids, and it. was. awesome.  I wish I could get my hair cut there, these ladies know how to handle toddlers, and they did a pretty good job.  It’s still growing on me, I love boys with long hair, and wish his bangs were a bit more whispy, but he just can’t help but to be adorable, and hair grows 😉  Ok, ok, I know what you all want . . . here are the pics.

before copy long out salon play climb mirror tractor carhair bw cool afterby back after

v ê t u

Vêtu, french for wearing, is the title of my new series.  I’ve always loved fashion, or rather I feel I should say style, as I don’t subscribe to everything Vogue tells me . . . I love dressing myself and I ADORE dressing my son, sometimes, my husband lets me dress him too 😉  I am very fortunate to be a buyer for my family’s two stores, and thus many of my son and I’s clothes come from Austin Rocks.  When I was picking out his clothes yesterday, I knew I was going to have to document the outfit, so naturally, here I am documenting, I’m thinking of making a series of it . . . we’ll see how it goes.

IMG_5352 IMG_5359 IMG_5361 IMG_5377 IMG_5376 IMG_5385

Cardigan: La Miniatura // Shirt: Chaser Brand // Jeans: Mini Shatsu (all available @ Austin Rocks) Boots: Emu (thrifted, available here)


52 Weeks // 4/52
52 Weeks // 4/52

Doiron Dale: Lover of being outdoors and may be in need of his first haircut . . . undecided.