Here we are, 40 weeks and 1 day and baby Hahn isn’t quite ready to come out, and I’m letting the babe take it’s time (ok, maybe I’m trying to persuade labor a bit with crawling on all fours, swimming and other fun activities . . .).  This has been an amazing pregnancy, minimal nausea at the beginning and a pesky umbilical hernia have been the only negatives.  No gestational diabetes and no PUPPS make me one happy mama.  Doiron has already proven himself to be the best big brother, he can’t pass me without giving the belly a hug, or sit next to me without reaching a little hand over to pat and speak softly to the baby.  If you follow me on IG, get ready for sibling photo overload!

I’ve always been a laid back, go with the flow kind of person.  A huge believer in all things happen for a reason, and letting fate lead.  However, I think when we are ready for baby #3, I’m going to need to try my hardest to control the timing.  I run three retail stores in downtown Austin, Doiron was born right before Christmas taking me out of commission for our busiest time of year.  This little babe has had me missing out on a little something we call SXSW, our second busiest time of year. Thankfully, I work with amazing people who, light joking aside, have offered nothing but support and encouragement through these two pregnancies.  Besides feeling guilty though, this also means that for the majority of my kiddos life their birthdays will fall during 60+ hour work weeks . . .I’m scheming un-birthday trips and parties to make up for it.

I’m already feeling nostalgic over this pregnancy, it was such a sweet time with Doiron and my husband; and took place during some big changes for my family including an amazing new job for Bry and the start of school for D.  I was able to fulfill a few of my pregnancy-dreams this round like a pregnancy photo shoot (thanks to my sister Ryan, who is also braving being our birth-photographer) and having my belly hennaed during a little family get together (thanks to Nisha with Henna Arts).  I feel so much gratitude for everyone in our life, and want to thank you all for your support and love.  Here are some sweet photos from our pregnancy, and I can’t wait to update you all with pictures of Doiron’s baby sister or brother!

Tegi Maternity-0254 Tegi Maternity-0232 Tegi Maternity-0233 Tegi Maternity-0293 Tegi Maternity-0285 Tegi Maternity-0391 Tegi Maternity- Tegi Maternity-0369 Baby Blessing-0098 Baby Blessing-0112 Baby Blessing-0101 Baby Blessing-0099


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