Well, it’s almost been an entire year since I’ve posted anything here, and a lot has happened.  Obviously, Doiron finally got a hair cut, I’m still mourning the loss of his luxurious curls and man buns but when a boy reaches a certain age, they start to express their own opinions and I couldn’t ignore his pleas for a haircut much longer.  OH!  And of course, the other elephant in the room, me!  We’re expecting baby #2 and are BEYOND excited, including Doiron, look at that little smile.  We’ve decided to be a bit old fashioned and wait for the babe to make it’s debut before finding out the sex. The suspense is proving to be quite exciting, and I’m not going to lie, I love making everyone else suffer while we wait to see if if welcome the 7th grand-boy into the family or finally get our girl! Other major changes include Doiron starting Pre-school and LOVING it and my husband starting a new career with Kahoot! and LOVING it.  I love it too, because now the three of us are within two blocks of each other in beautiful downtown Austin everyday, it’s really too good to be true, but please don’t pinch me, I’m not waking up from this dream anytime soon.

I’m really quite disappointed with myself, I’ve been dreaming of blogging about baby #2 since I began this little project.  We had such an amazing experience with Doiron’s Pregnancy and Birth that I wanted to share more about what it’s like using a midwife and just how wonderful a positive pregnancy can be.  I can only share what my experiences are, and I intend on being very real, not sugar-coating anything . . . but I pride myself on being a very positive person and get disheartened with the amount of negativity surrounding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding et al.  I hope it proves interesting and helpful to someone out there . . .

I’m already at 31 weeks, so yea, I lost track of my goal of keeping up with this thing, but something is better than nothing, right?  Here are the 9 things that I immediately flocked to when I discovered we were pregnant, I’d love to hear what some of your necessities are/were!


No 1. NatureMade’s prenatal +DHA, these were recommended to me when I was pregnant with Doiron, and they’ve never made me feel sick and so when we began trying to conceive I did my best to take these daily, once I knew we were successful I became more diligent.

No 2. Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, my midwives encouraged I read this book in pregnancy #1, it really is the most empowering book I have ever read.  It clears your head of any doubt that your body can do this, and do it naturally.  I’ve already began reading it again and can’t recommend it enough.  Seriously, READ IT. (Also, may I recommend watching the documentary about Ina and her cohorts Birth Story.)

No 3. Earthmama Stretch Oil and Bottom Spray.  More products that I used in my first pregnancy but were glad to have on hand from the start this round.  I get stretch marks. Not sure that any oil would prevent them for me, but this oil is soothing and smells great.  I apply to my belly, breasts, thighs and butt fresh out of the shower.  I’ve been known to go ahead and slather my entire body in it, and Bry will use it as a massage oil.  And the Bottom Spray has many wonderful uses, I’ve applied to my face as a toner but mostly, here’s that honesty I was talking about, I use it for hemorrhoids as the name suggests.

No 4. Bio-Oil, as I mentioned above, I get stretch marks.  I’ve been using this stuff religiously since I had Doiron and have noticed a huge reduction in the appearance of my stretch marks.  They will never go away entirely, and I’m one of those tiger mama’s proud of her stripes.  But I do love the scent of this oil as well, and will slather head to toe fresh out of the shower.

No 5. Blanqi Belly Band, about 6 months postpartum babe #1, I developed a small umbilical hernia.  I did a lot of research, and had my midwives look at it, and we decided no action was needed.  It’s been interesting going through a pregnancy with the hernia but this band has made a huge difference, I regret any day I decide I don’t need to wear it.

No 6. Essential Oils, my mother-in-law and sister got me into oils a while back, but I’ve found them extremely useful while pregnant.  The two I’ve used the most are peppermint (great for nausea, and a life saver during the two colds I had; mix with a carrier oil and rub into forehead, cheeks, temples, chest, and back of neck for instant decongestion and mood boost) and Lavender (the uses are endless, but I’ve used mostly for skin irritation and bug bites).

No 7. Yoga Essentials! I’ve been doing yoga for about fifteen years, during my first pregnancy I could only afford to follow along with DVD’s and streaming online.  This time I’ve found an amazing class (not prenatal) at my community rec center of all places and the instructor is beyond amazing.  On my first class she told me to get bricks, an eight to ten foot strap with METAL buckle and a ball.  While shopping on amazon, I found an amazing deal on this Mat, only $15! I love a good sale . . . Anyways, you don’t have to spend a fortune on prenatal yoga classes ($20 here in Austin, my rec center class is only $5) but it is important that you have an instructor that knows what pregnant mamas need and will take the time to help you with alternative poses.  I highly recommend practicing at home if nothing else, opening the hips and stretching the back are probably the two activities I look forward to most these days.

No 8. Amazing Midwives, or doctors.  It’s up to each person what they feel comfortable with . . . but if you’ve ever talked to me or read this blog before you know how much I adore and trust and feel cared for by my midwives.  Each appointment is a dedicated hour to you and your baby, you talk, laugh, cry, listen to the heartbeat, measure the belly all the good stuff!  Even if you choose the hospital route, most these days have midwives you can work with, and don’t forget about Doula’s another fantastic partner to have on this amazing journey.  Whatever you do, don’t settle for someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, there is no reason for it. None at all.

No 9. Last but not least for me, is my amazing husband Bryan.  I know plenty of mom’s who do this mothering/pregnancy thing GREAT with no significant other, but everyone needs a support system whether it be parents, siblings or close friends.  I’m lucky to have this guy, who is a crazy good father and only has the health and well being of his family in mind.  I’m a very lucky gal and try to keep that in mind, even if the house is a mess and I’m tired, life. is. good.

There you have it, a crazy long post on the preggo things I love most.  Hope it helps, and would LOVE to hear what you found irreplaceable for YOU in your pregnancy.



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