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If it were completely up to me, Doiron would never have his hair cut, but Bry didn’t love his son being called a girl all of the time, and it did seem to annoy D that his hair was constantly in his face.  So we compromised on a trim, I heard about a salon nearby that’s just for kids, and it. was. awesome.  I wish I could get my hair cut there, these ladies know how to handle toddlers, and they did a pretty good job.  It’s still growing on me, I love boys with long hair, and wish his bangs were a bit more whispy, but he just can’t help but to be adorable, and hair grows 😉  Ok, ok, I know what you all want . . . here are the pics.

before copy long out salon play climb mirror tractor carhair bw cool afterby back after

  • Victor Hahn

    This salon is perfect, they are super smart. And the haircut looks great, but i’m a little bias. And the pics are fantastic. Thank you

  • Victor Hahn

    Oh, and he looks like a natural on that ATC, gotta get him on a real one next year….


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