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When I cleaned out a set of drawers that I received from my late Great Aunt and Uncle Porter, I found a set of house numbers inside. These numbers belonged to the house that I always knew to be comforting and hosts to the two most loving and kind hearted people on earth. And also one gem of a garden. So I thought it would be appropriate to hang them over the door leading to my backyard as a reminder and an inspiration to live as they did, surrounded by beauty and love.

c a m p

My family purchased a used pop up camper a few weeks ago . . . my mom and I have dreams of turning it into our gypsy trailer.  We haven’t done any renovations to it yet, but a few good coupons and sales at World Market plus some fantastic finds at Goodwill, made it quite cute and comfy for our first excursion, and Doiron’s very first camping trip.  My absolute favorite childhood memories are of camping with my family and it makes me down right giddy to think of the memories we will be forming with Doiron and future bebes to come! Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll let them do the talking, à le camping et l’aventure!

Photo Mar 22, 2 02 24 PM Photo Mar 22, 2 13 45 PM Photo Mar 22, 2 56 35 PM Photo Mar 22, 3 13 19 PM Photo Mar 22, 2 37 17 PM Photo Mar 22, 3 13 51 PM Photo Mar 22, 3 13 34 PM Photo Mar 22, 3 51 38 PM Photo Mar 22, 4 51 58 PM Photo Mar 22, 4 54 41 PM camp Photo Mar 22, 3 13 26 PM Photo Mar 22, 4 00 35 PM IMG_6453 Photo Mar 22, 4 20 48 PM Photo Mar 22, 4 21 05 PM Photo Mar 22, 4 31 05 PM IMG_6458 IMG_6470 IMG_6490 IMG_6493 IMG_6496

The Hahn Homestead

When I was in middle school, I would fake sick to stay home and watch HGTV, I cringe now to think of the “designing” I idolized from the wallpaper borders on Room by Room to the rubber stamping talents of Carol Duval.  The 90’s were a fantastic era.  Fast forward to present day, my husband and I purchased a house a little under a year ago and I’ve spent all of my free time (and money) making it a home.  With a tight budget, a bit of creativity, and a pinch of pinterest I’ve become quite proud of our little homestead, so I thought I’d share a little bit of it with you.  We’ll start with the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Our’s isn’t large and it’s not new, but it suits us pretty perfectly right now.  Most of the items you see were either wedding presents or goodwill treasures . . . the shelves on the wall were all collected from thrift shops and garage sales and painted in the same color, I created the light fixture with jars I’ve collected and lanterns bought on sale.  Our dining room table was a gracious hand-me-down from my step mom which I stripped and stained as I found out I was pregnant with Doiron.  Enjoy this little peek into my home, It’s like taking a walk at night and peering into your neighbor’s windows, except not as creepy (everybody does that right?  I mean purely to see how they’ve designed their home, right?) ok, for real here are some pics that aren’t of my toddler (well mostly). alright. here you go.

fav migas H light banana1 deer buddah LR

drawPS. Please forgive the lame iphone/ bad lighting quality of my photos . . . someday this blogger might own a proper camera.



We saw a unicorn today! No not really, but it did snow, and those two sightings are just about equal in Austin.  So much so, that everything shuts down, thus the time for this post.  I’m happily sitting in front of the fire, cuddling with the two year old and watching the snow melt out the window.  I’ll be heading into work in about an hour, but when it snows you waste no time.  We woke up early this morning and ran out on our balcony to check it out, we quickly realized more layers were required so after throwing on boots and jackets we ran outside to play.  Doiron thought it was cool for about ten minutes before he was ready to go in and warm up.  Daddy made us oatmeal while I lit the fire, and that my friends, is Doiron’s very first snow day.  I can’t wait to show him real snow one day, but judging by his quick retreat he’ll need a full snowsuit, hand warmers and a steady stream of hot cocoa, guess he really is a native Texan.

prints snow egg pool oatmeal diz fire

Land of the Free

Happy Sunday, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday weekend!  Unfortunately in retail there’s no such thing as a long weekend, especially during the holidays . . . but when you love your job its really not such a bother.  Money’s been tight at the Hahn Homestead lately but we’ve found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves.

My husband and I both have Wednesdays off so we’ve been trying to find fun things to do, and since it’s summer my nephew Mike’s been joining us.  We usually go for a swim at the lake, but this week it was closed for preparation of the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival (more on that later) so we dug through our pile of forgotten giftcards and found $25 bucks to the movies!  I thought it might pay for half of our tickets, but since it was a weekday matinee we were able to all go plus get snacks and I still have 50 cents left!  We saw The Lone Ranger, and loved it, I would go again in a heartbeat.  (May I say as a student of Native American culture I think they did a pretty fantastic job of facing the stereotypes and respecting the culture)

Thursday, as you know, was the 4th.  We were pleasantly surprised when Bryan pulled up at work and found he was the only one there, he had the day off and didn’t know it!  So I left work a few minutes early and we decided to go to the Pfirecracker Pfestival for the first time in the three years we’ve lived there.  I looked online and decided taking the bus from the high school would be the best thing as parking was limited and roads were closed.  WRONG.  Our bus dropped us at one side of the lake, we walked the .25 mile path to the other side to see if the vendors were any better (every single one just a high school club or team trying to raise money with snicker bars and hotdogs) only to be trapped on the wrong side.  They warned us they would close the bridge at 7:45 to get ready for the show, but they didn’t tell us that they would also close the road to pedestrians.  So we decided to walk the 3 mile path around the entire lake to get back to the side we belong so we could catch a bus early.  Turns out, unless you literally watched the fireworks from the line to get on a bus, it would take nearly two hours to catch a bus back home (as was our case).  Overall though, it was a beautiful night, the air was cool and I love a good firework display over the lake.  Next year, we’re hoping to watch the show from our balcony . . .


20130704_185618 20130704_185254 20130704_192055 20130704_192112 photo 2-1 20130704_210925 photo 4-1 photo 2 photo 4 We found one more free event to round out our week, a family friend from California is on tour with her children’s CD, Born Curious by Sara Dee.  Doiron and I have been enjoying the CD for months and were excited to finally meet Miss Dee and hear some songs live!  It really was a fantastic event hosted by Barnes and Noble,they had crafts and Sara sung and read books. . . unfortunately D hadn’t caught a nap yet and so was quite the handful.  The only thing that makes this boy happy when he’s tired are trucks or mama’s milk.  B&N had a great train table in the kids section so as long as he was allowed to play he was content, but once I picked him up for a picture with Sara, lost it. photo 4-2 photo 3-2



I’ve never been a fantastic planner, but I’m learning. Naps and slings and snacks are essential.  Come kiddo #2 I think I’ll have this mommy thing down, maybe.  I am quite proud of our free adventures this week, however.  We have plans of checking out the Children’s museum (Wednesday Evenings are free) and Granna and Bompa have planned a fantastic trip to the gulf in two weeks!  What are your favorite free activities?

Pretty Pictures

I had plans of coming to you with a “Mama’s Day Off” post . . . we had a marvelous time at the Christmas Parade and tree lighting, but I’m too proud of the roll of film I just got back. I had to share it! I have a lot to learn still but thanks to an amazing Lomography shop on congress, I think I’ll be able to pick it up! All of these are untouched . . . Visionnement heureux!

Bath time at Gma and Gpa's house in California Playing with Gma and Gpa at lunch Going home to see Daddy Pflugerville has some beautiful colors Foxy Chalk Drawing in Pfluger Park Playing in the trees Drooling for Christmas!

Today is all about planning for a certain FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Wish me luck!!!

It’s here it’s here!

I won’t lie, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, I danced into Doiron’s room and gobbled at him. I wait ALL year for the Holiday season, people look at me like I’m crazy, they tell me I’ll come to dread it being in retail; but they don’t know me. I will always be a cheerful elf singing christmas carols and baking cookies. I am determined to raise Doiron in this spirit, we danced out to the living room, lit a fire in the fireplace and tuned into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Today I am thankful for my family, and for my Mom and Dad who gave me an amazing childhood and always made the holidays special. Thanksgiving has always been about the HUGE gathering that is my dads side of the family, 6 sets of aunts and uncles and their kids forming the 13 member Meyer clan of cousins. We put on plays and went exploring, got into trouble and made everyone laugh. It’s been a while since the mass gathering has occurred, but today all of Doiron’s cousins will be at the house for a feast and I can’t wait.

In other news Austin just hosted its very first F1 race accompanied by Fan Fest. Unfortunately all of Austin was too scared to come out and play, but it really was an amazing event and I look forward to the next ten years!

And in Doiron world….he’s such a big boy now! He’s walking more and more, I believe 21 steps is his record, he wants to climb on everything, can get on the couch by himself along with many other more dangerous feats. And in only 20 days he will be ONE YEAR OLD!

Enjoy these pictures from our last few weeks of fun! Gobble gobble!!!


i should be showing you some ridiculously cute pictures of a baby with a mustache…but after months of scheming, halloween completely fell through the cracks. i feel like i robbed Doiron of his first halloween, but in the grand scheme of life, does it really matter? we had an amazing time in california visiting friends and family, and next year will be wayyyyyy more fun with an ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD! so instead of feeling guilty, i must focus all extra energy on a certain first birthday just weeks away! i can’t believe it, what they say is true, the time really does fly by. So Here are some pics of my not-so-baby from our not-so-halloween…Happy day light savings, enjoy that extra hour of rest!

He slept almost the entire plane ride!

Helping mama unpack

Closest we came to a costume

We ventured a movie tonight, he fell asleep during the credits

And here’s a little throwback to my itty bitty 2 month old! I love this little man so much!

Ps if you like my blog, even if its just a little, will you follow me? Maybe let me know what I can improve on? What you’d like to see? Thanks y’all! Peace out! Merry Christmas!

What a weekend!

Hold on…it’s only Friday. Grandma and grandpa just picked up Doiron and I’m getting a real pedi/mani with my best girls from college! Here are a few pics of our trip so far. Oh and after I finished my first roll of film, I rolled it up and opened the camera to find that it had ripped and is ruined so sad.









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