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Pleasant Surprise

When I take a picture with my iphone I’ll take 20 shots of the same scene, pick the best one, add a filter with one of my favorite apps (I’m obsessed with this and this right now) then post to instagram.  But lately, I’ve been toying around with a 35mm camera and am loving the pictures I’m capturing, I’m still learning to be patient and make sure I’m completely focused on the right object (read:baby) and not take 5 shots of the same scene, I’m still surprised when I hit that 24 mark and have to change my film.  It does drive me bonkers to not know if I got the shot, and I dream of a DSLR camera, but at the same time I’m really enjoying this format and the surprise that comes when I finally find the time and money to develop a roll of film.  Last week I dropped a roll off at the only place I can find in my town that still develops film, CVS.  I didn’t have time to pick it up until we were headed out of town to the beach, the moment I got in the car with my disc (since most of my roll still turns out terrible, I only get the picture disc and forgo the prints) I realized I had decided to leave my computer at home.  So I went an entire week with this disc in my purse, just trying to remember what photos I had taken.  It had completely escaped me.  I returned to work yesterday, when I unpacked my computer and got myself organized I remembered I still had these photos to peak at, so I slid in the disc and proceeded to get crazy busy and completely forgot until midnight.  I was so excited at what I found, I woke Bryan up to take a look.

double kiss Pri chickenbutt statureNot only was I proud of the adorable shots of my skinny dippin baby covered in watercolor warpaint . . . . but the dark Rhode Island Red you see Doiron trying to kiss and hug is our late sweet Priscilla.  She passed a little over a month ago for reasons we’re not sure of, but if you’re familiar with chickens you can tell by looking at these photos that she’s not well (note the fallen comb).  She was ill from the day we inherited her with our new home, I searched and searched for answers on the internet.  First I thought it was egg binding, but I was pretty sure she was still laying and all of the resources I found stated she would be dead within 48 hours with a binded egg and it had been weeks, months actually.  One day I found this magnificent blog (I love looking at these ladies in the middle of a work day) and my husband and I went out to get the Epsom salts and povidone and I had decided to treat Priscilla the next morning.  But when I went out to the coop she was lying in her box motionless.  We were heart broken as she came to be our favorite chick, so sociable and patient with Doiron, Bryan buried her in the backyard and there is now a beautiful patch of clover growing over her.  Our other three ladies seem perfectly healthy, and we’ve been blessed with a pretty mild summer here, so there haven’t been any signs of overheating. We’re learning as we go here but it’s been a marvelous adventure.  We have big plans for this back yard of ours and I look forward to the day we feel ready for a batch of baby chicks.  I’ll be here sharing as we go, please join us if you wish!  Cotcotcodet!

PS, I’ve watermarked my photos so feel free to share, but please leave the mark. Merci!

Land of the Free

Happy Sunday, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday weekend!  Unfortunately in retail there’s no such thing as a long weekend, especially during the holidays . . . but when you love your job its really not such a bother.  Money’s been tight at the Hahn Homestead lately but we’ve found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves.

My husband and I both have Wednesdays off so we’ve been trying to find fun things to do, and since it’s summer my nephew Mike’s been joining us.  We usually go for a swim at the lake, but this week it was closed for preparation of the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival (more on that later) so we dug through our pile of forgotten giftcards and found $25 bucks to the movies!  I thought it might pay for half of our tickets, but since it was a weekday matinee we were able to all go plus get snacks and I still have 50 cents left!  We saw The Lone Ranger, and loved it, I would go again in a heartbeat.  (May I say as a student of Native American culture I think they did a pretty fantastic job of facing the stereotypes and respecting the culture)

Thursday, as you know, was the 4th.  We were pleasantly surprised when Bryan pulled up at work and found he was the only one there, he had the day off and didn’t know it!  So I left work a few minutes early and we decided to go to the Pfirecracker Pfestival for the first time in the three years we’ve lived there.  I looked online and decided taking the bus from the high school would be the best thing as parking was limited and roads were closed.  WRONG.  Our bus dropped us at one side of the lake, we walked the .25 mile path to the other side to see if the vendors were any better (every single one just a high school club or team trying to raise money with snicker bars and hotdogs) only to be trapped on the wrong side.  They warned us they would close the bridge at 7:45 to get ready for the show, but they didn’t tell us that they would also close the road to pedestrians.  So we decided to walk the 3 mile path around the entire lake to get back to the side we belong so we could catch a bus early.  Turns out, unless you literally watched the fireworks from the line to get on a bus, it would take nearly two hours to catch a bus back home (as was our case).  Overall though, it was a beautiful night, the air was cool and I love a good firework display over the lake.  Next year, we’re hoping to watch the show from our balcony . . .


20130704_185618 20130704_185254 20130704_192055 20130704_192112 photo 2-1 20130704_210925 photo 4-1 photo 2 photo 4 We found one more free event to round out our week, a family friend from California is on tour with her children’s CD, Born Curious by Sara Dee.  Doiron and I have been enjoying the CD for months and were excited to finally meet Miss Dee and hear some songs live!  It really was a fantastic event hosted by Barnes and Noble,they had crafts and Sara sung and read books. . . unfortunately D hadn’t caught a nap yet and so was quite the handful.  The only thing that makes this boy happy when he’s tired are trucks or mama’s milk.  B&N had a great train table in the kids section so as long as he was allowed to play he was content, but once I picked him up for a picture with Sara, lost it. photo 4-2 photo 3-2



I’ve never been a fantastic planner, but I’m learning. Naps and slings and snacks are essential.  Come kiddo #2 I think I’ll have this mommy thing down, maybe.  I am quite proud of our free adventures this week, however.  We have plans of checking out the Children’s museum (Wednesday Evenings are free) and Granna and Bompa have planned a fantastic trip to the gulf in two weeks!  What are your favorite free activities?

Pflugerville Pfun

Hey y’all. So its been awhile, again.  Life has been crazy in an amazing way, and I’ve discovered that there’s a lot to do and that blogging isn’t on top of my priority list.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot within these last few months.  My biggest revelation has been a new found self confidence.  When I started this blog I was obsessed with looking like and being like other bloggers I admire, but I’ve come to realize that I really love who I AM and how MY life is.  I still want to blog as a way to share what we’re doing here in P-ville and keep a sort of digital record for Doiron.  If I get followers someday, cool, if not, oh well.  I’m glad you’re here (hi moms and dads)!

Bryan and I have been working hard on making our home, our home, I will post some pictures soon!  But for today, I thought I’d share a little video I made of a trip to Pflugerville’s Pfarmer’s Market a few weeks ago.  If you didn’t know, Pflugerville is the very quaint German town north of Austin where we reside, and it’s kinda our thing to throw a P in front of anything that starts with F (Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival is next week! and my personal pfavorite is the Pfall Chili Pfestival).  Anyways, our beautiful home sits on half an acre and as soon as I find the time and the way to garden in our drought stricken state, I hope to have a beautiful garden that can produce food for our family, until then, I LOVE our humble pfarmers market.  It’s held in the Green Red Barn, part of Pflugervilles renewable lifestyle, and has a handful of local vendors selling produce, jams, breads, meat and tamales!  I tend to gravitate towards Johnson’s Backyard Garden because of their variety of produce.  Doiron picked out the Pattypan Squash that we baked into a delicious frittata and I couldn’t get enough of their sweet cherry tomatoes. I didn’t take much video of us in the market as I was focused on what deliciousness we were going to take home . . . so mostly it’s footage of the most adorable toddler in my life . . . .Bon Appetit!

Our Happy Place

Summer is officially here in central Texas with temperatures reaching close to 1oo degrees, but it still cools off to the seventies at night.  I don’t love the heat, but we are definitely enjoying this transition period before it’s crazy hot day and night.  Doiron and I have two favorite hangouts.  Our backyard and Pflugerville Lake.  D literally pitches a fit anytime you try to pull him away from either of these places so we tend to linger as long as possible.  I’m still figuring out my 35mm camera but here are a few of my winners.  Where is your happy place?

megaphone chicks2 chicks car lake happy buckets feet duck sunsetIf you want to share my photos please link back to the blog.  thank you.

Birth Story Part Two


Doiron Dale Hahn December 11, 2011 7 lb 10 oz
Doiron Dale Hahn
December 11, 2011
7 lb 10 oz

So, back in January I told you not to worry, that I would write part two of my birthstory soon . . . five months is soon right? Well, it is when you have a toddler. Being that it’s mothers day and I’m watching Birth Story on a daily basis, I thought it was time to share the moment I became a mother. If you don’t want to read part one, I don’t blame you, I’m really not a writer so here’s a recap. I LOVED being pregnant, except for the PUPPS. But my midwives took great care of me, as well as my amazing husband, I read Ina’s books and took a course in Hypnobirthing, I felt more prepared for Birth than I’ve ever felt for anything. Now it is December 8th, two days before my due date and I’ve broken out in a horrible itchy PUPPS rash.


As I went to bed, I felt a tightening in my stomach, it felt like a mild menstrual cramp. Was that a rush (contraction)? Do I have to use the restroom? It only lasted a few seconds so I shrugged it off and went to sleep. It happened a few more times throughout the night, I wouldn’t call it painful, but there was pressure around the baby and it kept waking me up. In the morning I talked to my sister, she said it sounded like contractions but assured me it was probably false-labor, she had it around her due date too. I called my mom/boss to tell her I didn’t get much sleep but would be in a little later, she urged me to stay home and rest in case it was the real deal, I’d need my strength. She was super hoping Doiron would come on time, as we get crazy at work with the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and she would have a hard time attending the birth if he was late. Bryan called his work to let them know he wouldn’t be coming in. A normal person probably would have called their midwife at this point, I had bloody show a few days earlier and still hadn’t called (I told you I’m weird with phone calls), but in my defense my magical purple folder told me not to call until the rushes were five minutes apart and growing stronger.


The rushes were coming anywhere from 30-60 minutes apart and lasted various amounts of time. Meanwhile, my rash was driving me bonkers and I was out of lotion, so we did the typical lets get this baby coming thing, and took a long walk to the pharmacy. Maybe it was too long, four miles, when 9 months pregnant and possibly laboring? Yea, too long. The whole time I kept questioning if I was really in labor, I only had one rush on the way there and one in the store. We got back to the house, I laid down for a nap, the rushes started to come regularly about 20 minutes apart, they felt like strong menstrual cramps, they were annoying but not crippling. The day progressed, as did the rushes, it was now 10 PM, and they were about five minutes apart and definitely getting stronger. Now it just felt rude calling Mary (my midwife), but if a baby was coming she had to know. I called and a very groggy Mary answered the phone, “contractions all day!? Why didn’t you call earlier!?” I sheepishly mentioned the purple folder . . . she laughed at me. Then she informed me she had the flu and wouldn’t be able to come but that Debra would be on her way. I had met with Debra a few times and instantly connected (she helped me convince Bryan not to circumcise), I was disappointed that Mary wouldn’t be with me after eight months of finding comfort and strength in her, but at the same time, something felt right about Debra being there.


Debra arrived by eleven, gave me a look over and told me I was still in very early labor. She prescribed two ibuprofens, a glass of red wine to relax my uterus and sleep. She told me to ignore the contractions, not to spend my energy on them and sleep. She decided to spend the night as it was late, my sister set her up on the couch and they talked over a glass of wine (if that’s not awesome I don’t know what is). I didn’t sleep great as the rushes were every five minutes and pretty strong, but there was nothing scary or painful about them. I would simply breath and feel my body preparing for delivery, ignore, however I could not do.

Bryan and Kate comforting me through a rush
Bryan and Kate comforting me through a rush


It is now December 10th, Doiron’s due date. Debra checked me around seven AM and said I was still in very early labor, she wasn’t even sure Doiron would be coming that day. She left to run errands and get some rest but left me strict instructions to call her when they were close to three minutes apart and strong, again she told me to ignore the rushes, rest and eat. I laughed, these things are not easily ignored, and I hadn’t felt like eating for a while. I slipped into the flannel nighty with cardinals my mom had bought me explaining she gave birth to me in a nighty just like it, and I enjoyed my day in my room with nothing but my Christmas lights shining and the Hallmark channel streaming cheery movies, breathing through the rushes and feeling them progress. Around noon I checked in with Debra, she advised me to start squatting during the rushes, sway my hips side to side, relax my jaw and give a deep groan to help baby boy move down. Oh man did that feel good. I would hold on to anything close by, usually Bryan, and sink low to the ground, the sound that came out of my mouth was unlike any I had ever made, it was meditative much like OM but more guttural. Ok, these rushes were getting stronger and stronger, ranking higher on the meter than just a nuisance, but knowing that it was my muscles working hard to open and move Doiron down, it never registered as pain. When a rush would come I’d repeat to myself “it’s ok baby, down and out, down and out.” At three o’clock they were now three minutes apart and Debra decided to come back with her entourage, a total of three midwives. My mom also decided to come and brought me my ultimate comfort food, wonton soup and eggrolls. I didn’t eat much but was ashamed to be eating junk food, I knew Mary would not approve. To my relief, Kate (another of my favorite midwives) shared that they had brought Chinese food too, and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. My environment, my home, was completely calming, loving, and secure.


Ok, now I’m starting to tear up as I write. I love these ladies so much and the experience they granted me in the comfort of my home. Never was I scared or nervous, I could handle this, they told me and cheered me on. They called me a pro, and told me I was handling these rushes like no big deal, the third midwife (who I’d never met) was surprised to hear it was my first. The sun was starting to set, Doiron was making progress. Bryan was rubbing my back, being my support, squeezing my butt together (don’t laugh, it feels amazing, pregnant or not, and relieves the pressure on your lower back). When he realized he hadn’t eaten all day he asked if he could make a sandwich, I looked him square in the eye and told him he wasn’t leaving my side. Kate swiftly moved in to support me and whispered at Bryan to go make a sandwich.

My nephews cat, Tic Tac "helping" me through a rush
My nephews cat, Tic Tac “helping” me through a rush


I couldn’t tell you what time it was from here on out, the rushes were close together and all consuming. I kept swaying and cheering the baby and my body on, going from my husband to my yoga ball. I tried laboring on the toilet for a minute, when Debra asked me how that felt I responded “too open ended.” My body was working hard, I was getting hot, the “birthing nighty” was no longer providing comfort and I stripped it off. My midwives looked at each other and declared I was serious now, apparently losing all sense of modesty is a threshold in labor. I tried a warm bath but it aggravated my PUPPs and like the toilet just wasn’t comforting. I liked being in Bryan’s arms and able to move, but I was getting tired so I went to lie in bed.

Using the Yoga Ball
Using the Yoga Ball



I would flip between sides, go on all fours and then rest on my back. The rushes were constant and I was dilating, but to be honest I have no recollection of the frequent checks and number reports. I do remember listening to the precious heartbeat of a calm baby just going through this amazing process with me. There came a time when I looked at Debra and said I feel like I need to push, “then push” she responded. But not with all my might, go with the rushes, do what feels right. And so I did, and like the squatting, it felt good, it felt natural. But it took a lot of energy, I was ordered to drink a coke for the first time in years, my sister had gone out and bought me popsicles. But before I could get much down, came another rush. I started to fall asleep for the short interim moments. It wasn’t until I had a dream that I was a librarian pushing stacks of books out of my vagina, that I felt unmotivated, why was I doing all of this work for a stack of books?

I sat up and looked at my midwives and said what’s next? This isn’t working. They decided to puncture my bag as it hadn’t broken yet, hoping this would speed up the process a bit. Yes, yes it did. Again, I couldn’t give you any kind of timeline but what seemed shortly after I began to make some real progress. Then, my sister’s hair caught on fire. Yup, we had the lights out, just Christmas lights and candles lighting the way, while trying to take pictures, movies and stay out of the way, Cali backed up into a candelabra on the wall and singed her hair. We all laughed, and honestly the act of laughing helped me relax and helped Doiron further along. We could feel his head, and after more pushing the second bag of waters broke. At this point, I’m not sure who, but someone mentioned that we had seen all of these Christmas movies three times, so we turned the TV off, I hadn’t even realized it was on for hours. I was now on my back pushing, the last place I ever thought I would be, so I asked to turn on my side, but Debra advised that this position was actually working really well for me so I stayed. The third midwife (I gotta call my ladies and get her name!), said “if she could just get her heels behind her head that baby would be out.” So I did, I pulled my feet as far back as I could and pushed my little man out. That ring of fire is no joke, I screamed, I did tear and that part HURT, but once I was holding my baby, I felt no pain. I was meeting the most amazing soul that I had just spent nine months getting to know, face to face, finally realizing that I am a mom for the rest of my life.


Cuddling with my brand new baby boy
Cuddling with my brand new baby boy

I quickly asked for the time, 12:06, Doiron was six minutes past his due date. At this exact moment, my sister and mom were in the room with us, my dad was in the living room, Bryan’s dad and stepmom were on a plane on their way, and his Mom and Stepdad were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland listening to everything on the phone with my mom I could literally hear the iconic music and people screaming as they went down the dark shoot (if that doesn’t score D a life pass to Disneyland, I don’t know what will).

Doiron had a bit of fluid in his lungs and they used a bag to help him breathe at first, but they assured us there was no reason to be alarmed. I wasn’t worried for a second, I trusted these ladies so much, my husband however was calmly freaking. I see where he’s coming from and honestly feel a little guilty that I wasn’t concerned, maybe it was the exhaustion, maybe I really was that assured. In any case I had a beautiful, healthy baby, absolute perfection. Doiron laid on my chest, while we waited for the chord to stop pulsating, I rubbed his head and back repeating “oh baby, oh baby” then Bryan cut the chord. I felt more cramps and asked if that was normal. Somehow in all of my studies I had completely overlooked the afterbirth process, just a few more mild pushes and the placenta was out. This is probably a total TMI moment, but I did keep my placenta. I had read about eating it, or making pills out of, the first was not an option for me and the second was a passing thought but in the end I decided I would plant a tree with it for my baby (it’s still in my freezer, seriously, don’t come hunting for ice cream in my house unless you have a strong stomach, we hope to plant a tree at our new home soon).

Getting to know Doiron
Getting to know Doiron

Doiron was then handed to my husband, you’ve never seen a man so in love than the moment you hand him his first son. He helped dress him for the first time and took him out to meet my dad and hold him close. Debra was now going to stitch up my tear, since Bryan was holding our Baby my mom stayed with me to hold my hand. At Debra’s suggestion we all sang Christmas carols as she stitched. Yup, the MOST amazing experience of my life with the MOST amazing people ever. It was at least three in the morning before the midwives left, they stayed to clean up, start some laundry, help me shower and get us all tucked in. That night we slept soundly in bed with our little man between us, the most blissful sleep I’ve ever had.

Gentle Hands
Gentle Hands
Proud Papa
Proud Papa


The next day we had family and friends stopping by for visits. Doiron and I cuddled in a comfy chair in the living room by the Christmas tree and took naps. Mary came out to meet Doiron the next day (with a mask) and made sure we were all in good health. Despite a little jaundice we were all fantastic and in complete bliss.

And that’s our story. I can’t wait to do it all again. I want another large belly, sans PUPPS and I want my visits with the loving women at Heart of Texas Midwives. I have only learned from this experience and have full confidence that the next birth will be even easier and I will definitely call my midwives every step of the way. I want to try a water birth again, I hope Mary can be there, and I want to hire a birth photographer to capture more moments, but if everything went exactly the same, I wouldn’t mind one single bit.

Wow, I can’t believe you read this whole thing! If you have any questions or comments please please please share, I’m obsessed with positive birth stories and would love to hear yours.

Happy Mothers Day!

Hello Out There

Anybody there? Sorry I’ve been MIA for three months, my life was completely turned upside down, in a good way. Since this new year begun, my husband got a great job that he loves, we BOUGHT A HOUSE! Oh and also we discovered toddler-dom as Doiron is now 15 months old and running everywhere, getting into everything, and making us laugh constantly. This life of ours is pretty amazing. Not only have we been completely obsessed with settling into the first home that is truly all ours, but we’ve also been thrown into the position of Chicken owners. We are very happy with our flock of ladies, Priscilla, Agnes, Hahnitta, and Henrietta, I will be introducing them to y’all shortly as well as posting all about the home improvements we’ve been making . . . but today I’m here to help you stop and smell the roses bluebonnets. If you’re not from Texas, you may not be aware of our bluebonnet obsession. You might know it’s our state flower, but every spring  you will see families precariously parked on the side of highways and railroad tracks to snap precious pictures of their children, dogs, or cats within the sea of blue.
That’s our furry baby Dizzy, he loved frolicking through the wildflowers two years ago when we first moved to Austin.

It’s no cliche that time flies when you have a baby. Here are a few shots from last year when Doiron was pudgy rolly polly, just starting to sit up. We took him to the park behind our house au naturel for his first Bonnet Pics.


This year I found an amazing field of Bluebonnets in my favorite little town just minutes north of us, Georgetown. I’ve told y’all all about this place before. It was an absolutely gorgeous day last Saturday and so I grabbed my Minolta X700, strapped D in the car, and went exploring. On a whim, I decided to take a county road instead of the freeway, can I just tell you how happy that made me! Something about driving down a small road alongside farms and grassy knolls with the windows down and good music flowing that beats the packed gassy freeway hands down, never taking the freeway to Gtown again! Anyways, I know why you’re really here, so here ya go some freshly developed pictures of the cutest baby in Austin Texas.

BB Sit Web

BB Hi Web

BB CrawlWeb

BB SitTrackWeb

BB Pick Web

BB Walk Web

BB Winner Web


Let’s Go

It’s been a very busy few weeks in the Hahn household. My husband, Bryan, got a new job that he is absolutely in love with. It’s so great to see him completely thrilled and happy again. What that means for Doiron, however, is no more long days with Daddy lounging in PJs watching cartoons and dancing . . . now Mama gets him ready every morning, we sit down and have eggs together, and then it’s off to the babysitters for a day of learning from a two year old! So far we’ve learned how to dance, how to be shy, how to throw a tantrum, and how to give lots of hugs and kisses when we meet new people. While getting ready for the day is much more difficult now that I’m wrangling a toddler at the same time, it’s also a lot of fun. The hardest part, is saying goodbye, oh he’s got the clingy, “please don’t leave me Mommy” toddler thing down now . . . breaks my heart. . . anyways.

We’ve started a new ritual. I say, “Ready to go to Miss Amber’s!?” and Doiron runs to the door, he starts to whine when I realize I forgot something, oops and another thing, and one more thing! Come on woman, get it together! I open the door, and he stumbles into the warm sunshine. I love watching him navigate the three inch step down from the house to the sidewalk, and then to see what catches his attention first, it’s different every day. I of course whipped out my cell phone and started snapping, and so we have a new Blog Post! Every week I will post our “Let’s Go” photos . . . hopefully! So here’s the first installment.

On y va!

Photo Jan 18, 9 05 10 AM Photo Jan 18, 9 05 21 AM 20130119_100209_resized_1

Photo Jan 16, 11 44 06 AM Photo Jan 16, 11 44 28 AM

20130119_100146_resized_1 Photo Jan 17, 9 33 52 AM Photo Jan 17, 9 34 01 AM

It’s New!

I am getting over my sadness of the end of Christmas. Santa was very good to all of us this year, my #1 “want” was granted with the gift of a video camera from my Dad and step-mom. We took it out for a spin yesterday at the park, and today I played with my new used MacBook given to me by my santa-boss (aka Mama!) and the result can be seen here.

What else is New? This year! Well almost, just two days away but I’m anxious and starting my fresh start now. . . on the list:
Doing a quick pick-up of the house every night
Eating Better, cooking more
Going on walks with my baby, and my hubby if he’s willing

There’s more but extenuating circumstances prevent those from happening quite yet, but there’s a sense of optimism in the air and all will work out for the best very soon, I feel.


I simply cannot believe that christmas is over! It completely flew by me and I feel like I missed out on so many things. My New Years resolution is to become a much more organized person so that this does not happen again…we will see. On the other hand, Christmas Day itself was very enjoyable and it was great to watch my ten year old nephew and Doiron open gifts together. Doiron still didn’t quite get the hang of it, but man did he strike gold. Everyone always says that divorce is bad for the kids, but what they don’t say is how great it is for the grand kids! Four sets of grandparents and eight sets of great grandparents really adds up. Every year I promise to do my thank you cards, so far I haven’t ( that includes wedding shower/ wedding/ baby shower and baby and now two Christmases!) I have drawers full of pretty cards and gift lists, these people deserve more thanks than I can ever offer…step one in mission organization will be writing these thank yous! Step two, finding a place for all of Doiron’s toys. Here’s a few snippets from our Christmas Day (I got a video camera last night, so stay tuned for longer, better videos! *eek*)

One Year

it happened, my little squishy baby has become a big walking, “talking” climbing boy. These past 12 months have been so amazing, every day brings something new accompanied by the most natural routine. Every morning Doiron wakes me up with a sweet little sigh, he greets me with a smile from his crib and we climb in our warm bed for some milk. I’m not ready to forgo this ritual, it’s nourishing, comforting and perfect, for both of us. If we don’t fall back asleep we go for a walk or just to the living room to play. Doiron loves anything that plays music, has buttons to push or can hold something else. I’d say his favorite toy is a toss up between the Tupperware drawer and a little piano that plays the Jackson 5. I used to watch tv and movies like nobodies business, these days nothing is more entertaining than watching baby and daddy laughing and playing together.

We had a great birthday celebration with a lot of family and friends. Grandma and Grandpa Hahn were in town to make sure Doiron was thoroughly spoiled on his first birthday, and his Great Grammie and aunt and uncle came in from Houston. It’s been bittersweet for me, as I’ve finally fully realized how busy I will be every year on his birthday…. But I am determined to make it special for him. I will do my best to make his cake every year, but making 3 dozen tamales may be a bit overkill. He will always be surrounded by people who love him and feel special on his day. Here is a little montage of the first half of Doiron’s birthday weekend…enjoy!