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Mama’s Day Off


I haven’t felt like Supermom at all lately.  Between a five day business trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and having felt off ever since I got back, there just hasn’t been time or energy for anything fun.   So I thought I’d slip in a post from a while back when I had a Supermom moment and made play dough from scratch!  You may not know this, but before my mom ran Austin’s coolest stores she moonlighted as a pre-school teacher and she learned a couple neat tricks.  A few years ago she made this amazing cookbook for me of our family’s favorite recipes and in back are some special additions such as this play dough recipe as well as one for bubbles and a self portrait I drew in Kindergarten, I’ll have to share those some other time.  I was amazed how quickly the play dough came together and Doiron seemed to enjoy it, for about 15 minutes, I stretched it out to a good half hour when I showed him that his trucks can play too.  Also, I was pretty impressed that I managed to subconsciously make it the same color as my kitchen, you know I love to match!  Give it a shot sometime, I personally can’t stand the smell of store bought play dough and I’d venture a guess that this is much cheaper . . .

PD1 PD3 dump PD5 PD6 PD7 pd8 PD10 PD11 PD12


Miss Judy’s Play Dough

1 C Flower

1/2 C Salt

2 Tbls Cream of tartar

1 Tbls Oil

1 Cup Cool Water

Stir ingredients in a saucepan and put in food coloring if desired.

Heat over medium high heat until very sticky.

Turn onto waxed paper, let cool until warm – then knead.

Store in tightly closed container.



If it were completely up to me, Doiron would never have his hair cut, but Bry didn’t love his son being called a girl all of the time, and it did seem to annoy D that his hair was constantly in his face.  So we compromised on a trim, I heard about a salon nearby that’s just for kids, and it. was. awesome.  I wish I could get my hair cut there, these ladies know how to handle toddlers, and they did a pretty good job.  It’s still growing on me, I love boys with long hair, and wish his bangs were a bit more whispy, but he just can’t help but to be adorable, and hair grows 😉  Ok, ok, I know what you all want . . . here are the pics.

before copy long out salon play climb mirror tractor carhair bw cool afterby back after

September Fourth

It’s a special day.  It’s the hubs birthday and this year it just so happened to fall on the one day we have off together.  I decided to show him one of my favorite things about summer in Austin, Hamilton Pool.  It’s just a short drive from Pflugerville to Dripping Springs, an adorable little town with delicious food and fantastic shops, but it wasn’t my birthday, so other than a quick trip to Goodwill to find swim trunks for the forgetful birthday boy, there was no shopping.  But who wants to shop when you’re on your way to a natural spring fed grotto.  Every summer of my childhood had at least one trip to Hamilton Pool, but the beauty was lost on me as a child, returning after a thirteen year absence with my husband and son was simply magical.  It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, rain clouds were floating over with distant thunder rumbling through the air.  The birds were singing and tiny frogs, snakes and giant catfish were visiting.  Doiron of course loved swimming through the cool waters and drinking as much as he could, it really does taste amazing.  We finished up at Rosie’s Tamale House, another bit of nostalgia for me complete with light up velvet paintings and cream cheese stuffed jalapenos.  This day reminded me how wonderful it is growing up in the hill country and Bryan and I agreed that this too shall be a frequent memory in Doiron’s childhood.  Days like these remind me of every reason I fell in love with Bryan, and no lie, his biggest selling point was the father I knew he would be.  He loves our son more than I ever imagined possible and proves every day that his family is his first priority, and he never fails to tell me he loves me, too.  We’ve only been married for 3 years (next month) but life has only continued to get better, and I only see good things in our future.  I am a happy mama.  Je vous souhaite bonheur.

plant garden hike monkeytoes rules rocksPool B1 B5 nature curl


I always thought putting toddlers down for their naps was supposed to be hard. But apparently D takes after me, sleep is good, sleep is easy. I used to nurse D to sleep whenever I was in charge of naps and bedtime, and there were times he didn’t want to leave my arms, I’m not gonna lie, I kinda enjoyed it. But it does make getting stuff done rather difficult. About six moths ago we had to switch daycare providers, it was the best thing that ever happened for Mr Doiron. Rhonda is amazing, she has three beautiful kids who have quickly become Doiron’s best friends, the only way I can get him to go home with me is the mentioning of milk. The day Rhonda told me that she just lays Doiron down for nap time everyday without a fuss I was a bit in shock. Bry had a pretty easy time getting him down with a cuddle and a song (there’s nothing sweeter than hearing your husband sing to your baby y’all) but as D got older and wiser he started to test his limits and put up a bit of a fight. Until one day, Bry discovered if he just gave home a bottle of water and set him in the crib he was a happy camper. I highly doubted this would work for me given that the milk machine was close at hand, but it does y’all and we have absolutely no fits at bedtime.

Today as nap time approached D was still pretty spunky but showing the usual signs of nap time crankies. I got his bottle and picked him up, sang his special lullaby and placed him in the crib. He sat himself up and I braced for a wail, but stood my ground told him I loved him and walked out. No cries, just a few giggles and raspberries then silence. I can’t help but to peek at him while he sleeps, and it kills me when he has tucked himself in and pulled up the blankie. Here’s a few shots, all on my iPhone and in the dark so sorry for the quality. I thought I’d also give your peek at some of my favorite bits of his nursery. Fais de beaux rêves








Port Aransas

We took a family trip to the Gulf Coast a few months ago.  It’s a lovely 3.5 hour drive from Austin to Port Aransas, Doiron did amazingly, in large part due to Cousin Mike riding with us and keeping him entertained.  That and the BBQ pit stop we made in Nixon, not only did they fill our bellies but it’s a family owned joint and the owners had their three year old grandson there, the boys spent an hour riding trikes and chasing each other around the restaurant, it was fantastic!  My parents spoiled all four of us sisters with a gorgeous beach house.  Bryan and I lucked out and got the master that had an adjoining bath to die for, with a giant bath tub which Doiron and I made full use of, and a walk in shower that was at least 5 feet square.  All of my nephews were with us, Michael (Mike, as his buds at school call him, and me ‘cus I’m the cool aunt) who’s ten and starting fifth grade on Tuesday, holy cow!  Nathan who’s the smartest eight year old I’ve ever met, and our newest boy Henry, six months old.  We desperately need some girls in this family, I’ve been elected to make the contribution, and I will happily oblige before too long . . . But for now Doiron is LOVING his time with his big cousins, they ended each evening with a joint shower, it was hilarious, a little gross at times, but mostly adorable.  And seeing D with baby Henry melted my heart, he’ll give kisses, he’ll smack him occasionally but quickly apologizes with a hug when reminded to be gentle, and “help” Henry with his passy.  I can’t wait to make D a big brother, but on the other hand there are just a few loose ends we’d really like to tie up before making the leap of another baby, I’m hoping we’ll be “ready” within the next year and I look forward to sharing my full experience here.  Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy my single subject pictures.   Mike didn’t make it into many shots,  he would escape with the “big boys,” my youngest cousin and his friend both 16, every chance he got.  He even got to go on a solo trip with them into town for ice cream, I’ve never seen his chest puffed so big, it was adorable and made my eyes well up a bit, he’s our first baby and about to be a teenager.  I’m also disappointed that I didn’t take many shots of my parents or my Aunt Chris and Grammie who also joined us, they shared a house a block away that had a wrap around porch where we spent the evenings catching up, I don’t get to see my family often enough, even the ones who live in the same city.  Anyway, here are the few 35 mm shots that I’m happy with, the misty beach really messed with my focusing abilities, but it also gave the ones that turned out a sort of dreamy quality,  Beaux rêves de l’océan

BBQ porch mike Henry Boys nap wagon birding BirdingNathan IceCream walk truck hair

Pleasant Surprise

When I take a picture with my iphone I’ll take 20 shots of the same scene, pick the best one, add a filter with one of my favorite apps (I’m obsessed with this and this right now) then post to instagram.  But lately, I’ve been toying around with a 35mm camera and am loving the pictures I’m capturing, I’m still learning to be patient and make sure I’m completely focused on the right object (read:baby) and not take 5 shots of the same scene, I’m still surprised when I hit that 24 mark and have to change my film.  It does drive me bonkers to not know if I got the shot, and I dream of a DSLR camera, but at the same time I’m really enjoying this format and the surprise that comes when I finally find the time and money to develop a roll of film.  Last week I dropped a roll off at the only place I can find in my town that still develops film, CVS.  I didn’t have time to pick it up until we were headed out of town to the beach, the moment I got in the car with my disc (since most of my roll still turns out terrible, I only get the picture disc and forgo the prints) I realized I had decided to leave my computer at home.  So I went an entire week with this disc in my purse, just trying to remember what photos I had taken.  It had completely escaped me.  I returned to work yesterday, when I unpacked my computer and got myself organized I remembered I still had these photos to peak at, so I slid in the disc and proceeded to get crazy busy and completely forgot until midnight.  I was so excited at what I found, I woke Bryan up to take a look.

double kiss Pri chickenbutt statureNot only was I proud of the adorable shots of my skinny dippin baby covered in watercolor warpaint . . . . but the dark Rhode Island Red you see Doiron trying to kiss and hug is our late sweet Priscilla.  She passed a little over a month ago for reasons we’re not sure of, but if you’re familiar with chickens you can tell by looking at these photos that she’s not well (note the fallen comb).  She was ill from the day we inherited her with our new home, I searched and searched for answers on the internet.  First I thought it was egg binding, but I was pretty sure she was still laying and all of the resources I found stated she would be dead within 48 hours with a binded egg and it had been weeks, months actually.  One day I found this magnificent blog (I love looking at these ladies in the middle of a work day) and my husband and I went out to get the Epsom salts and povidone and I had decided to treat Priscilla the next morning.  But when I went out to the coop she was lying in her box motionless.  We were heart broken as she came to be our favorite chick, so sociable and patient with Doiron, Bryan buried her in the backyard and there is now a beautiful patch of clover growing over her.  Our other three ladies seem perfectly healthy, and we’ve been blessed with a pretty mild summer here, so there haven’t been any signs of overheating. We’re learning as we go here but it’s been a marvelous adventure.  We have big plans for this back yard of ours and I look forward to the day we feel ready for a batch of baby chicks.  I’ll be here sharing as we go, please join us if you wish!  Cotcotcodet!

PS, I’ve watermarked my photos so feel free to share, but please leave the mark. Merci!

Land of the Free

Happy Sunday, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday weekend!  Unfortunately in retail there’s no such thing as a long weekend, especially during the holidays . . . but when you love your job its really not such a bother.  Money’s been tight at the Hahn Homestead lately but we’ve found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves.

My husband and I both have Wednesdays off so we’ve been trying to find fun things to do, and since it’s summer my nephew Mike’s been joining us.  We usually go for a swim at the lake, but this week it was closed for preparation of the Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival (more on that later) so we dug through our pile of forgotten giftcards and found $25 bucks to the movies!  I thought it might pay for half of our tickets, but since it was a weekday matinee we were able to all go plus get snacks and I still have 50 cents left!  We saw The Lone Ranger, and loved it, I would go again in a heartbeat.  (May I say as a student of Native American culture I think they did a pretty fantastic job of facing the stereotypes and respecting the culture)

Thursday, as you know, was the 4th.  We were pleasantly surprised when Bryan pulled up at work and found he was the only one there, he had the day off and didn’t know it!  So I left work a few minutes early and we decided to go to the Pfirecracker Pfestival for the first time in the three years we’ve lived there.  I looked online and decided taking the bus from the high school would be the best thing as parking was limited and roads were closed.  WRONG.  Our bus dropped us at one side of the lake, we walked the .25 mile path to the other side to see if the vendors were any better (every single one just a high school club or team trying to raise money with snicker bars and hotdogs) only to be trapped on the wrong side.  They warned us they would close the bridge at 7:45 to get ready for the show, but they didn’t tell us that they would also close the road to pedestrians.  So we decided to walk the 3 mile path around the entire lake to get back to the side we belong so we could catch a bus early.  Turns out, unless you literally watched the fireworks from the line to get on a bus, it would take nearly two hours to catch a bus back home (as was our case).  Overall though, it was a beautiful night, the air was cool and I love a good firework display over the lake.  Next year, we’re hoping to watch the show from our balcony . . .


20130704_185618 20130704_185254 20130704_192055 20130704_192112 photo 2-1 20130704_210925 photo 4-1 photo 2 photo 4 We found one more free event to round out our week, a family friend from California is on tour with her children’s CD, Born Curious by Sara Dee.  Doiron and I have been enjoying the CD for months and were excited to finally meet Miss Dee and hear some songs live!  It really was a fantastic event hosted by Barnes and Noble,they had crafts and Sara sung and read books. . . unfortunately D hadn’t caught a nap yet and so was quite the handful.  The only thing that makes this boy happy when he’s tired are trucks or mama’s milk.  B&N had a great train table in the kids section so as long as he was allowed to play he was content, but once I picked him up for a picture with Sara, lost it. photo 4-2 photo 3-2



I’ve never been a fantastic planner, but I’m learning. Naps and slings and snacks are essential.  Come kiddo #2 I think I’ll have this mommy thing down, maybe.  I am quite proud of our free adventures this week, however.  We have plans of checking out the Children’s museum (Wednesday Evenings are free) and Granna and Bompa have planned a fantastic trip to the gulf in two weeks!  What are your favorite free activities?

Our Happy Place

Summer is officially here in central Texas with temperatures reaching close to 1oo degrees, but it still cools off to the seventies at night.  I don’t love the heat, but we are definitely enjoying this transition period before it’s crazy hot day and night.  Doiron and I have two favorite hangouts.  Our backyard and Pflugerville Lake.  D literally pitches a fit anytime you try to pull him away from either of these places so we tend to linger as long as possible.  I’m still figuring out my 35mm camera but here are a few of my winners.  Where is your happy place?

megaphone chicks2 chicks car lake happy buckets feet duck sunsetIf you want to share my photos please link back to the blog.  thank you.

Hello Out There

Anybody there? Sorry I’ve been MIA for three months, my life was completely turned upside down, in a good way. Since this new year begun, my husband got a great job that he loves, we BOUGHT A HOUSE! Oh and also we discovered toddler-dom as Doiron is now 15 months old and running everywhere, getting into everything, and making us laugh constantly. This life of ours is pretty amazing. Not only have we been completely obsessed with settling into the first home that is truly all ours, but we’ve also been thrown into the position of Chicken owners. We are very happy with our flock of ladies, Priscilla, Agnes, Hahnitta, and Henrietta, I will be introducing them to y’all shortly as well as posting all about the home improvements we’ve been making . . . but today I’m here to help you stop and smell the roses bluebonnets. If you’re not from Texas, you may not be aware of our bluebonnet obsession. You might know it’s our state flower, but every spring  you will see families precariously parked on the side of highways and railroad tracks to snap precious pictures of their children, dogs, or cats within the sea of blue.
That’s our furry baby Dizzy, he loved frolicking through the wildflowers two years ago when we first moved to Austin.

It’s no cliche that time flies when you have a baby. Here are a few shots from last year when Doiron was pudgy rolly polly, just starting to sit up. We took him to the park behind our house au naturel for his first Bonnet Pics.


This year I found an amazing field of Bluebonnets in my favorite little town just minutes north of us, Georgetown. I’ve told y’all all about this place before. It was an absolutely gorgeous day last Saturday and so I grabbed my Minolta X700, strapped D in the car, and went exploring. On a whim, I decided to take a county road instead of the freeway, can I just tell you how happy that made me! Something about driving down a small road alongside farms and grassy knolls with the windows down and good music flowing that beats the packed gassy freeway hands down, never taking the freeway to Gtown again! Anyways, I know why you’re really here, so here ya go some freshly developed pictures of the cutest baby in Austin Texas.

BB Sit Web

BB Hi Web

BB CrawlWeb

BB SitTrackWeb

BB Pick Web

BB Walk Web

BB Winner Web


So Inspired

So Doiron and I had a little date on Tuesday, we went to this. The amazing people at GALS put it together, and it was the most inspiring event I’ve ever been to. I was worried to take Doiron to a movie by myself, now that he’s a toddler and doesn’t like to sit still. But I walked into the theater and saw a mass of mamas and their babies, and one of my midwifes. It may have been the fact that it was the first day of my period, or just the fact that I love all of these things, but tears swelled up and I knew it was going to be an emotional event. When we entered the screening room, moms and babies fanned out, I looked for a spot near the exit in case of a melt down, and spotted some very smart mamas that brought a blanket and sprawled out in the very front, I quickly nabbed a seat near them, and Doiron quickly introduced himself to the 6 month old babies with pats on the head and kisses. I never know how to act around other moms and babies, my personal philosophy is just to let them interact and only intervene when necessary, but we’re talking a walking, stumbling, sometimes hitting 13 month old vs two 6 month olds confined to their bellies. But as they interacted one mom leaned over to another and said “I never know if I should be hovering over them or what?” and the other mom replied “Nah, they’re fine.” So I happily let Doiron talk to the babies, but admittedly hovered a little cus like I said, he’s a toddlin’. Once the movie started Doiron was pretty content munching on snacks (all the babies were sharing, it was cute) and nursing (yup I’m still nursing, hoping to make it to 24 months), and bouncing in my lap. But he fussed, and so did the other 20 babies there, and it was ok, no one left the theater, everyone was openly nursing or walking their babies around . . . it was the best movie going experience ever.

Oh the movie! What a spectacular movie! Honestly, I cried, I laughed, I rubbed my belly thinking of future babies, cried some more, and felt so inspired and reassured that women are AMAZING, and with the exception of major health problems, EVERYONE can have their baby at home . . . as Ina says “Your body is NOT a lemon!” Birth Story takes you to the farm that Ina and her husband founded in ’71, as a communal place to live and a safe place for women to have babies. You watch Ina in her home washing dishes, aiding women in births at the farm and in their own homes, and speaking to groups of people all over the world. I would love to visit this commune in Tennessee someday, and would be astounded to meet Ina. But even more so, the film made me realize how much I want to make my own little “farm.” More realistically, I want to create my family’s safe haven. A cozy home, that runs efficiently, with yummy vegetables growing in the back yard and music flowing through the house. A couple chickens clucking around, and a place where my children feel free to share their emotions, have pillow fights, get into trouble, and learn. The film showed many births, yes from the graphic perspective, and no, it wasn’t gross. It was amazing. Another of my favorite quotes from Ina “Why do men think that they are the only ones with a body part that can grow big and small again and be perfectly fine?” (or it was something to that effect) Following the movie was a panel discussion that included Mary(one of my midwives), another midwife, and a woman who lived on THE farm, and whose birth story is published in Spiritual Midwifery! I was astounded to learn that there were actually many people who lived on the farm present. I tried my best to listen to the discussion but D was over the whole sitting relatively still thing and was busy climbing up and down the steps . . . no matter though, it was a room full of loving women discussing how beautiful the film was and how we hope to make at home births a common practice in the US. It is a cause I fully support and hope to spread.

I already give Ina’s books to any of my friends who are expecting, and once this movie is in production I plan to do the same with it. Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience, and please see this movie if you have a chance and learn about at home births before deciding its unsafe, or just a fad, or too hard. Because it is the most amazing experience ever. Yes, it hurts at times, but it is really all within your power. I have posted the first part of my birth story here, I am working on composing the second half, the real birth story. I hope you’ll come back and read it! And now of course. . . the pictures.

Votre corps n’est pas un citron!

Photo Jan 22, 2 53 23 PM Photo+Jan+22,+2+32+31+PM

Photo Jan 22, 12 19 26 PM

Photo Jan 22, 12 29 48 PM

Photo Jan 22, 2 29 55 PM(1)

Photo Jan 22, 12 19 11 PM

Photo Jan 22, 12 29 50 PM

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