I simply cannot believe that christmas is over! It completely flew by me and I feel like I missed out on so many things. My New Years resolution is to become a much more organized person so that this does not happen again…we will see. On the other hand, Christmas Day itself was very enjoyable and it was great to watch my ten year old nephew and Doiron open gifts together. Doiron still didn’t quite get the hang of it, but man did he strike gold. Everyone always says that divorce is bad for the kids, but what they don’t say is how great it is for the grand kids! Four sets of grandparents and eight sets of great grandparents really adds up. Every year I promise to do my thank you cards, so far I haven’t ( that includes wedding shower/ wedding/ baby shower and baby and now two Christmases!) I have drawers full of pretty cards and gift lists, these people deserve more thanks than I can ever offer…step one in mission organization will be writing these thank yous! Step two, finding a place for all of Doiron’s toys. Here’s a few snippets from our Christmas Day (I got a video camera last night, so stay tuned for longer, better videos! *eek*)

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