thanks to the intergalactically awesome maya, we got a second chance at halloween! no trick or treating, but we got to get dressed up and have some fun for sure. her spacey birthday party was a grand excuse to visit goodwill and get crafty! for baby, daddy found a green shag throw pillow that we de-stuffed and cut holes in for a caped little martian baby. and i found a gold seashell placemat that made the perfect headdress, a gold size 5x frock made for a flowy gown and last minute starry earrings found in the checkout line completed my spacey queen of the nile ensemble? we couldn’t find much for bry so we were going to settle on some face paint and an old halloween costume, but a glance in his closet produced his perfectly themed robot jammies and we were set! doiron did smashingly and was amused with all of the glowing space stuff and “people,” it was without a doubt an amazing birthday party!!! why should kids have all the fun, everyone should have a themed party!









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