f r o z e n

I’m going to invite y’all a little deeper into my life.  I am THE proverbial kid in a candy store.  Three and a half years ago I moved back to Austin to work full time in my parent’s long standing store, Wild About Music, in that time we have opened a fashion boutique, Austin Rocks Tx, acquired Toy Joy, and are working hard on yet another store slated to open in a few days.  It should also be stated that I have the self control of, well, a two year old.  Every bright and shiny piece of clothing or now, toy, that comes through our stores, finds its way into my hands.  Regardless of the fact that I by no means need it, and in most cases, can’t really afford it.  Yup, here I am airing my dirty laundry for all who wish to read.

In our current environment of facebook, instagram and pinterest, I am faced hourly, or maybe minute-ly? with an onslaught of needing more.  More babies, more clothes, more decor, more more more.  In the course of trying to keep up with the Joneses I’ve racked up quite a bit of debt, and now that actual things I need are arising, such as a car, dental work, and another baby (yes, I do need one 😉 ) I can’t afford it because I still haven’t paid for some things that I bought in college.  It’s quite overwhelming, and it may sound light hearted here, but it is weighing heavily right now as I try to figure out this whole adult thing that’s happening.  And so, I have elected to put myself on a spending freeze.  Originally, I was only going to do a month and see where that got me.  But let’s be honest, it will get me just about nowhere.  In doing research I came upon andthenwesaved.com, the author knocked out her debt in one year due to eliminating frivolous spending.  And so, from here on out I. will. not. buy. clothes. eat/drink out. or, brace yourselves, go to goodwill every. week. for the duration of this year.


My first step was to outline all of my debt and percentage rates, then make a list of all the things I’m unable to do/have and finally a list of  items I must pay for monthly, and those that I will be cutting out.  I’m sure there are many more, but this remains with me at all times and so I will continue to add to it, and refer to it when I’m feeling weak.  This is going to be extremely challenging for me, I’ve already failed twice as I’ve had to work late and hadn’t planned a dinner, but I did succeed in keeping my dinner’s around $3 vs. the normal $10 of a downtown meal, and paid cash.  My plan is to do the best I can, and document things here to keep me honest.  I will have some hiccups but I’ll take any and all victories I can get.  So, here we go, wish me luck, and maybe a little good fortune.

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