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Fall flew by!

The problem with loving this time of year is how quickly it passes by!  I picked my nephew Michael, or should I say Mike, up from school the other day and took the boys to a local pumpkin patch.  We got some great photos before I ran out of memory on the camera, someday I will have my very own beautiful DSLR camera . . . but for now I picked up a great film camera for only 30 bucks at a store I’ve fallen in love with, Steph’s Stuff.  In other news, Doiron went on an audition for a huggies commercial after being scouted in a coffee shop, he had a call back, but unfortunately they want the whole family, so I don’t think we’ll be getting the gig . . . but it was a crazy experience to have none the less! Doiron and I shared a cold over the weekend, both are on the mend and SOOOOO ready for our trip to California, Doiron will finally get to meet Auntie Ambi and Pammy!!!!!!  Followed by lots o love from the coastal grandparents.  For now, here are some Pumpkin Pics to ooo and aww over . . .


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