i should be showing you some ridiculously cute pictures of a baby with a mustache…but after months of scheming, halloween completely fell through the cracks. i feel like i robbed Doiron of his first halloween, but in the grand scheme of life, does it really matter? we had an amazing time in california visiting friends and family, and next year will be wayyyyyy more fun with an ALMOST TWO YEAR OLD! so instead of feeling guilty, i must focus all extra energy on a certain first birthday just weeks away! i can’t believe it, what they say is true, the time really does fly by. So Here are some pics of my not-so-baby from our not-so-halloween…Happy day light savings, enjoy that extra hour of rest!

He slept almost the entire plane ride!

Helping mama unpack

Closest we came to a costume

We ventured a movie tonight, he fell asleep during the credits

And here’s a little throwback to my itty bitty 2 month old! I love this little man so much!

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