It’s New!

I am getting over my sadness of the end of Christmas. Santa was very good to all of us this year, my #1 “want” was granted with the gift of a video camera from my Dad and step-mom. We took it out for a spin yesterday at the park, and today I played with my new used MacBook given to me by my santa-boss (aka Mama!) and the result can be seen here.

What else is New? This year! Well almost, just two days away but I’m anxious and starting my fresh start now. . . on the list:
Doing a quick pick-up of the house every night
Eating Better, cooking more
Going on walks with my baby, and my hubby if he’s willing

There’s more but extenuating circumstances prevent those from happening quite yet, but there’s a sense of optimism in the air and all will work out for the best very soon, I feel.

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