Let’s Go

It’s been a very busy few weeks in the Hahn household. My husband, Bryan, got a new job that he is absolutely in love with. It’s so great to see him completely thrilled and happy again. What that means for Doiron, however, is no more long days with Daddy lounging in PJs watching cartoons and dancing . . . now Mama gets him ready every morning, we sit down and have eggs together, and then it’s off to the babysitters for a day of learning from a two year old! So far we’ve learned how to dance, how to be shy, how to throw a tantrum, and how to give lots of hugs and kisses when we meet new people. While getting ready for the day is much more difficult now that I’m wrangling a toddler at the same time, it’s also a lot of fun. The hardest part, is saying goodbye, oh he’s got the clingy, “please don’t leave me Mommy” toddler thing down now . . . breaks my heart. . . anyways.

We’ve started a new ritual. I say, “Ready to go to Miss Amber’s!?” and Doiron runs to the door, he starts to whine when I realize I forgot something, oops and another thing, and one more thing! Come on woman, get it together! I open the door, and he stumbles into the warm sunshine. I love watching him navigate the three inch step down from the house to the sidewalk, and then to see what catches his attention first, it’s different every day. I of course whipped out my cell phone and started snapping, and so we have a new Blog Post! Every week I will post our “Let’s Go” photos . . . hopefully! So here’s the first installment.

On y va!

Photo Jan 18, 9 05 10 AM Photo Jan 18, 9 05 21 AM 20130119_100209_resized_1

Photo Jan 16, 11 44 06 AM Photo Jan 16, 11 44 28 AM

20130119_100146_resized_1 Photo Jan 17, 9 33 52 AM Photo Jan 17, 9 34 01 AM

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