I always thought putting toddlers down for their naps was supposed to be hard. But apparently D takes after me, sleep is good, sleep is easy. I used to nurse D to sleep whenever I was in charge of naps and bedtime, and there were times he didn’t want to leave my arms, I’m not gonna lie, I kinda enjoyed it. But it does make getting stuff done rather difficult. About six moths ago we had to switch daycare providers, it was the best thing that ever happened for Mr Doiron. Rhonda is amazing, she has three beautiful kids who have quickly become Doiron’s best friends, the only way I can get him to go home with me is the mentioning of milk. The day Rhonda told me that she just lays Doiron down for nap time everyday without a fuss I was a bit in shock. Bry had a pretty easy time getting him down with a cuddle and a song (there’s nothing sweeter than hearing your husband sing to your baby y’all) but as D got older and wiser he started to test his limits and put up a bit of a fight. Until one day, Bry discovered if he just gave home a bottle of water and set him in the crib he was a happy camper. I highly doubted this would work for me given that the milk machine was close at hand, but it does y’all and we have absolutely no fits at bedtime.

Today as nap time approached D was still pretty spunky but showing the usual signs of nap time crankies. I got his bottle and picked him up, sang his special lullaby and placed him in the crib. He sat himself up and I braced for a wail, but stood my ground told him I loved him and walked out. No cries, just a few giggles and raspberries then silence. I can’t help but to peek at him while he sleeps, and it kills me when he has tucked himself in and pulled up the blankie. Here’s a few shots, all on my iPhone and in the dark so sorry for the quality. I thought I’d also give your peek at some of my favorite bits of his nursery. Fais de beaux rêves








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