Mama’s Day Off

I knew I wanted to be a mom ever since my big sister had her baby. My girl friends (who are now plastic surgeons and lawyers) used to joke that I was going to school just to be a housewife. I never imagined I would be learning to take over the family business, I have an immense sense of pride in my stores, Austin Rocks and Wild About Music, I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine my life any other way. I got to be a stay at home mom for three weeks after Doiron was born, it was both glorious and dreadful at the same time. I won’t lie, I pout from time to time about the moments I am missing with my ridiculously adorable and fast growing baby, and I read the blogs of many stay at home moms with a taste of envy in my mouth. But I revel in my time at work and am fascinated with the ins and outs of running a business (or two). Having my time away from Doiron only makes me strive to make our time together as meaningful as possible. And so I bring you “Mama’s Day Off,” here I shall document our adventures from minuscule to grand, Doiron and I are flattered you are joining us!

Today we started with a Christmas-esque breakfast (just a hint: muffins and almost-one-year-olds are a messy affair, I couldn’t bare to document the aftermath, sorry).

20121128-203158.jpgAlso check out my girlfriends amazing site for all you foodies, Fridgg

Then Doiron helped me assess an art project in progress for work…

Enough work mom, you promised adventure! To Georgetown we went, I’m in LOVE with this city, I dream of living in one of its beautiful historic houses, even though it would mean doubling my commute to work. It’s not rare for Doiron and I to drive around and drool at the homes while listening to Harry Potter on CD; ok I drool, Doiron sleeps.
Today, we happened upon San Gabriel Park…I cried it was so beautiful. I imagined my family riding their bikes to the park for a picnic and to feed the geese, birthday parties under the arbor and dunks in the lake on sweltering summer days. Doiron, pictured riding one of the geese….


And finally, no trip to Georgetown is complete without a visit to the Little Loft of Georgetown, they have a lovely selection of second hand clothes for the wee ones at amazing prices.

I am a HUGE advocate of shopping local and thrifting! Thanks to the Little Loft I can dress Doiron in style, why do all little boy clothes have to have a puppy dog or sail boat on it?

Stay tuned for more adventures, up next…. Downtown Austin’s Holiday Sing Along and Stroll and Georgetown’s Holiday Home Tour

Can ya tell I like Christmas yet!?


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