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oh world…you just keep spinning

there are so many amazing things and people in our lives, and some days you have to repeat them to yourself over and over again. it will be fine, I know it will, but damn can it be fine yet, not just for me but everyone? I cant help but feel optimistic about the future, but right now I need some spectacular, i mean NOW. anybody got some to share? Seriously, tell me something amazing! 

my amazing is my little man and the pouty face he makes when I sternly say “no biting” and then a minute later he’s cuddling and laughing….we went through this cycle three times tonight I think he got it, tomorrow will tell. tomorrow.

  • Shelley Meyer

    I have spent the evening counting blessings too….so thankful to not be on the East coast with no electricity, no heat, no food, a flooded car, a flooded house and an Noreaster blowing in a snowstorm on top of me. Even though lots of unsettling things happening on my end too – I have a business that is doing well, my health and my great kids and grandkids…and we all have enough money to “get by” which is all the really matters in the end. I also reminded myself that if we were suffering through this bad day on TOP of having lost the election last night how much WORSE it would all seem!

  • mamanverdant

    Pretty good, pretty good

  • Mama D

    You are and always will be a great source of happiness and comfort to me. I love reading about how much you love our little man and Bry. You are all 3 a great part of what I am thankful for.

  • mamanverdant

    Thanks mamas, love certainly makes everything better . . .


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