One Year

it happened, my little squishy baby has become a big walking, “talking” climbing boy. These past 12 months have been so amazing, every day brings something new accompanied by the most natural routine. Every morning Doiron wakes me up with a sweet little sigh, he greets me with a smile from his crib and we climb in our warm bed for some milk. I’m not ready to forgo this ritual, it’s nourishing, comforting and perfect, for both of us. If we don’t fall back asleep we go for a walk or just to the living room to play. Doiron loves anything that plays music, has buttons to push or can hold something else. I’d say his favorite toy is a toss up between the Tupperware drawer and a little piano that plays the Jackson 5. I used to watch tv and movies like nobodies business, these days nothing is more entertaining than watching baby and daddy laughing and playing together.

We had a great birthday celebration with a lot of family and friends. Grandma and Grandpa Hahn were in town to make sure Doiron was thoroughly spoiled on his first birthday, and his Great Grammie and aunt and uncle came in from Houston. It’s been bittersweet for me, as I’ve finally fully realized how busy I will be every year on his birthday…. But I am determined to make it special for him. I will do my best to make his cake every year, but making 3 dozen tamales may be a bit overkill. He will always be surrounded by people who love him and feel special on his day. Here is a little montage of the first half of Doiron’s birthday weekend…enjoy!

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