I haven’t felt like Supermom at all lately.  Between a five day business trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and having felt off ever since I got back, there just hasn’t been time or energy for anything fun.   So I thought I’d slip in a post from a while back when I had a Supermom moment and made play dough from scratch!  You may not know this, but before my mom ran Austin’s coolest stores she moonlighted as a pre-school teacher and she learned a couple neat tricks.  A few years ago she made this amazing cookbook for me of our family’s favorite recipes and in back are some special additions such as this play dough recipe as well as one for bubbles and a self portrait I drew in Kindergarten, I’ll have to share those some other time.  I was amazed how quickly the play dough came together and Doiron seemed to enjoy it, for about 15 minutes, I stretched it out to a good half hour when I showed him that his trucks can play too.  Also, I was pretty impressed that I managed to subconsciously make it the same color as my kitchen, you know I love to match!  Give it a shot sometime, I personally can’t stand the smell of store bought play dough and I’d venture a guess that this is much cheaper . . .

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Miss Judy’s Play Dough

1 C Flower

1/2 C Salt

2 Tbls Cream of tartar

1 Tbls Oil

1 Cup Cool Water

Stir ingredients in a saucepan and put in food coloring if desired.

Heat over medium high heat until very sticky.

Turn onto waxed paper, let cool until warm – then knead.

Store in tightly closed container.


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