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Pflugerville Pfun

Hey y’all. So its been awhile, again.  Life has been crazy in an amazing way, and I’ve discovered that there’s a lot to do and that blogging isn’t on top of my priority list.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot within these last few months.  My biggest revelation has been a new found self confidence.  When I started this blog I was obsessed with looking like and being like other bloggers I admire, but I’ve come to realize that I really love who I AM and how MY life is.  I still want to blog as a way to share what we’re doing here in P-ville and keep a sort of digital record for Doiron.  If I get followers someday, cool, if not, oh well.  I’m glad you’re here (hi moms and dads)!

Bryan and I have been working hard on making our home, our home, I will post some pictures soon!  But for today, I thought I’d share a little video I made of a trip to Pflugerville’s Pfarmer’s Market a few weeks ago.  If you didn’t know, Pflugerville is the very quaint German town north of Austin where we reside, and it’s kinda our thing to throw a P in front of anything that starts with F (Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival is next week! and my personal pfavorite is the Pfall Chili Pfestival).  Anyways, our beautiful home sits on half an acre and as soon as I find the time and the way to garden in our drought stricken state, I hope to have a beautiful garden that can produce food for our family, until then, I LOVE our humble pfarmers market.  It’s held in the Green Red Barn, part of Pflugervilles renewable lifestyle, and has a handful of local vendors selling produce, jams, breads, meat and tamales!  I tend to gravitate towards Johnson’s Backyard Garden because of their variety of produce.  Doiron picked out the Pattypan Squash that we baked into a delicious frittata and I couldn’t get enough of their sweet cherry tomatoes. I didn’t take much video of us in the market as I was focused on what deliciousness we were going to take home . . . so mostly it’s footage of the most adorable toddler in my life . . . .Bon Appetit!

  • Victor Hahn

    Great little Video. And the back ground music, perfect. And the subject matter, well, I can’t say enough. Love yall ta pieces.
    Keep em coming..

  • mamanverdant

    Thanks papa!

  • Brooke Pulver

    love this!

  • mamanverdant

    Thank you so much Brooke!


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