Doiron has a new favorite toy.  My stomach, and as of last night the parts of my stomach that he discovered wrap around to my back.  He loves to lift my shirt, blow raspberries, grab it by the handful, knead it . . . . and I LOVE it.  I’ve always been self conscious of my stomach, which hasn’t been flat since I was seven years old, but then I got pregnant and it was my absolute favorite part of my body.  I felt like a goddess, even when stretch marks started to encircle my belly button, I thought it was marvelous.  After Doiron was born, the weight just fell off with the help of breastfeeding and occasional yoga, last summer I weighed less than I did when I graduated high school and I proudly wore a bikini displaying my tiger-belly.  However, now that Doiron is no longer breastfeeding and there’s this amazing bakery around the corner from my store with the BEST peanut butter cookies, the pounds have snuck back up on me. I’m ok with the fact that I may never have a flat belly, I want to be healthy and active for my family but I also don’t want to shame my body into trying to fit someone else’s shape.  I’ve been following this 4th trimester bodies project for sometime and I’ve just discovered they are coming to Austin in April, and I’m hoping to get involved as it speaks to everything I believe and is just. so. beautiful.  At the very least I can’t wait to own a copy of the final book, so please take time to check out and maybe support such an important message and support the women around you to believe in themselves and the amazing things their body can do.  As Ina May famously said, Your Body Is Not A Lemon.



80 Weeks Postpartum
80 Weeks Postpartum

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  • Kimber

    February 3, 2014

    You look absolutely gorgeous mama.

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