We saw a unicorn today! No not really, but it did snow, and those two sightings are just about equal in Austin.  So much so, that everything shuts down, thus the time for this post.  I’m happily sitting in front of the fire, cuddling with the two year old and watching the snow melt out the window.  I’ll be heading into work in about an hour, but when it snows you waste no time.  We woke up early this morning and ran out on our balcony to check it out, we quickly realized more layers were required so after throwing on boots and jackets we ran outside to play.  Doiron thought it was cool for about ten minutes before he was ready to go in and warm up.  Daddy made us oatmeal while I lit the fire, and that my friends, is Doiron’s very first snow day.  I can’t wait to show him real snow one day, but judging by his quick retreat he’ll need a full snowsuit, hand warmers and a steady stream of hot cocoa, guess he really is a native Texan.

prints snow egg pool oatmeal diz fire

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