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So Doiron and I had a little date on Tuesday, we went to this. The amazing people at GALS put it together, and it was the most inspiring event I’ve ever been to. I was worried to take Doiron to a movie by myself, now that he’s a toddler and doesn’t like to sit still. But I walked into the theater and saw a mass of mamas and their babies, and one of my midwifes. It may have been the fact that it was the first day of my period, or just the fact that I love all of these things, but tears swelled up and I knew it was going to be an emotional event. When we entered the screening room, moms and babies fanned out, I looked for a spot near the exit in case of a melt down, and spotted some very smart mamas that brought a blanket and sprawled out in the very front, I quickly nabbed a seat near them, and Doiron quickly introduced himself to the 6 month old babies with pats on the head and kisses. I never know how to act around other moms and babies, my personal philosophy is just to let them interact and only intervene when necessary, but we’re talking a walking, stumbling, sometimes hitting 13 month old vs two 6 month olds confined to their bellies. But as they interacted one mom leaned over to another and said “I never know if I should be hovering over them or what?” and the other mom replied “Nah, they’re fine.” So I happily let Doiron talk to the babies, but admittedly hovered a little cus like I said, he’s a toddlin’. Once the movie started Doiron was pretty content munching on snacks (all the babies were sharing, it was cute) and nursing (yup I’m still nursing, hoping to make it to 24 months), and bouncing in my lap. But he fussed, and so did the other 20 babies there, and it was ok, no one left the theater, everyone was openly nursing or walking their babies around . . . it was the best movie going experience ever.

Oh the movie! What a spectacular movie! Honestly, I cried, I laughed, I rubbed my belly thinking of future babies, cried some more, and felt so inspired and reassured that women are AMAZING, and with the exception of major health problems, EVERYONE can have their baby at home . . . as Ina says “Your body is NOT a lemon!” Birth Story takes you to the farm that Ina and her husband founded in ’71, as a communal place to live and a safe place for women to have babies. You watch Ina in her home washing dishes, aiding women in births at the farm and in their own homes, and speaking to groups of people all over the world. I would love to visit this commune in Tennessee someday, and would be astounded to meet Ina. But even more so, the film made me realize how much I want to make my own little “farm.” More realistically, I want to create my family’s safe haven. A cozy home, that runs efficiently, with yummy vegetables growing in the back yard and music flowing through the house. A couple chickens clucking around, and a place where my children feel free to share their emotions, have pillow fights, get into trouble, and learn. The film showed many births, yes from the graphic perspective, and no, it wasn’t gross. It was amazing. Another of my favorite quotes from Ina “Why do men think that they are the only ones with a body part that can grow big and small again and be perfectly fine?” (or it was something to that effect) Following the movie was a panel discussion that included Mary(one of my midwives), another midwife, and a woman who lived on THE farm, and whose birth story is published in Spiritual Midwifery! I was astounded to learn that there were actually many people who lived on the farm present. I tried my best to listen to the discussion but D was over the whole sitting relatively still thing and was busy climbing up and down the steps . . . no matter though, it was a room full of loving women discussing how beautiful the film was and how we hope to make at home births a common practice in the US. It is a cause I fully support and hope to spread.

I already give Ina’s books to any of my friends who are expecting, and once this movie is in production I plan to do the same with it. Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience, and please see this movie if you have a chance and learn about at home births before deciding its unsafe, or just a fad, or too hard. Because it is the most amazing experience ever. Yes, it hurts at times, but it is really all within your power. I have posted the first part of my birth story here, I am working on composing the second half, the real birth story. I hope you’ll come back and read it! And now of course. . . the pictures.

Votre corps n’est pas un citron!

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  • Papa Hahn

    January 25, 2013

    Your story here is amazing. I’m adding this movie to our list right away. So glad you were able to make this an event for the both of you.
    Love you both so much

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