Pleasant Surprise

When I take a picture with my iphone I’ll take 20 shots of the same scene, pick the best one, add a filter with one of my favorite apps (I’m obsessed with this and this right now) then post to instagram.  But lately, I’ve been toying around with a 35mm camera and am loving the pictures I’m capturing, I’m still learning to be patient and make sure I’m completely focused on the right object (read:baby) and not take 5 shots of the same scene, I’m still surprised when I hit that 24 mark and have to change my film.  It does drive me bonkers to not know if I got the shot, and I dream of a DSLR camera, but at the same time I’m really enjoying this format and the surprise that comes when I finally find the time and money to develop a roll of film.  Last week I dropped a roll off at the only place I can find in my town that still develops film, CVS.  I didn’t have time to pick it up until we were headed out of town to the beach, the moment I got in the car with my disc (since most of my roll still turns out terrible, I only get the picture disc and forgo the prints) I realized I had decided to leave my computer at home.  So I went an entire week with this disc in my purse, just trying to remember what photos I had taken.  It had completely escaped me.  I returned to work yesterday, when I unpacked my computer and got myself organized I remembered I still had these photos to peak at, so I slid in the disc and proceeded to get crazy busy and completely forgot until midnight.  I was so excited at what I found, I woke Bryan up to take a look.

double kiss Pri chickenbutt statureNot only was I proud of the adorable shots of my skinny dippin baby covered in watercolor warpaint . . . . but the dark Rhode Island Red you see Doiron trying to kiss and hug is our late sweet Priscilla.  She passed a little over a month ago for reasons we’re not sure of, but if you’re familiar with chickens you can tell by looking at these photos that she’s not well (note the fallen comb).  She was ill from the day we inherited her with our new home, I searched and searched for answers on the internet.  First I thought it was egg binding, but I was pretty sure she was still laying and all of the resources I found stated she would be dead within 48 hours with a binded egg and it had been weeks, months actually.  One day I found this magnificent blog (I love looking at these ladies in the middle of a work day) and my husband and I went out to get the Epsom salts and povidone and I had decided to treat Priscilla the next morning.  But when I went out to the coop she was lying in her box motionless.  We were heart broken as she came to be our favorite chick, so sociable and patient with Doiron, Bryan buried her in the backyard and there is now a beautiful patch of clover growing over her.  Our other three ladies seem perfectly healthy, and we’ve been blessed with a pretty mild summer here, so there haven’t been any signs of overheating. We’re learning as we go here but it’s been a marvelous adventure.  We have big plans for this back yard of ours and I look forward to the day we feel ready for a batch of baby chicks.  I’ll be here sharing as we go, please join us if you wish!  Cotcotcodet!

PS, I’ve watermarked my photos so feel free to share, but please leave the mark. Merci!


  • Kimber Brown

    July 25, 2013

    What gorgeous photos! Don’t be so quick to jump to a DSLR, technology can never replace the beauty of film! Love this!

  • MamanVerdant

    July 26, 2013

    Thank you so much Kimber, I have much to learn but really enjoy the medium. I love looking at your photos as well!

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