I do not understand how anybody has time to keep up a blog . . . maybe time management has something to do with it, because I know the ones I follow are moms, moms with like 4 kids.  I only have one and I have no. time. for. this.  But I’m not giving up, somehow its already the middle of November it’s F1 in Austin, then it’s Thanksgiving, then I’m setting up a pop up shop (in addition to my two stores) then family is coming in for D’s 2nd Birthday, which means there’s a party to plan, then there are Holiday events like parades and strolls, then there’s another pop up shop, then it’s Christmas, and then I breathe.  So who knows what will be posted on here between now and the new year but I’m excited for all that is happening in my life.  Doiron is starting to talk (finally) with Ca! for every car he sees and Bubee! for every baby he sees and Moo! with a finger to the sky every time we walk outside, day or night.  Maybe even cuter than his words is the excitement that he has for his own identification of things, I remember when his little buddy Luke, just one month younger than D, started these words it seemed like it snowballed into more and more words and now he’s repeating everything he hears, it feels like one day I’m going to wake up and have a talking kid, I can’t wait.  But I will wait because time keeps slipping away from me, I feel lazy and unproductive, so I’m doing something about it, I think, wish me luck.  For starters here are some photos from our quick trip to see Bryan’s family over Halloween, it was a blast and a blur, too fast and so. exhausting.  We miss these peeps like crazy and absorb every minute we can with them, one of our highlights was bringing D to Disneyland for the first time . . .you should have seen this kid with Mickey, he pretty much wanted to take him home with him . . . the photographer had to ask us to get our kid off of him, so here are our pics from the trip.  Thanks for tuning in folks.   Souhait sur une étoile!

mickey1 scenes light pirateline LIft PModel sleepytiki mickey2 Leia play sword dressed car

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  • Kimber

    November 16, 2013

    I feel your pain. My kid hasn’t arrived yet and I barely have time to blog. It’s like another full time job!

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