Truth Be Told

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I’ve been a little, lets say hyper, lately.  Wishing I could buy more expensive clothes and shoes for Doiron, maybe me too, wishing I could do more things to my house, wishing I could get pregnant again.  Maybe discontent is a better word, which makes me so angry, because I have a pretty awesome life.  Some of this discontent comes from surfing the blogosphere and comparing myself to the many amazing women writing out there, ok, a lot of the discontent.  But on the same hand there is so much inspiration to be found, if I could only step back, breathe, and take the positive and leave the negative self doubting thoughts floating in the cloud.  So that’s what I intend to do.  This is a free calendar that an amazing artist Oana Befort offers on her blog, not only am I enamored with her work, but she has fantastic posts featuring her baby boy and life in Romania.  I love to set her calendars as my desktop background for a little ounce of happy while I’m working, I can’t wait to see October’s.

I recently discovered a high school friend of mine has a beautiful blog as well, Kimber is expecting a baby girl so my envy of her is about to increase, but meanwhile she just posted a little exercise called taking stock.  It’s a fantastic little list to help ground yourself and pool all of those millions of thoughts into something tangible.  So here is mine, please share yours too, it’s so comforting to see what others are experiencing . . . à trouver un équilibre

Taking Stock

Making . . . a home

Cooking . . . real home cooked meals, mostly vegetarian

Drinking . . . The last of our Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, transitioning to White Mocha Spice Latte’s

Reading . . . Twilight, actually I’m listening to it in the car

Wanting . . . a baby girl

Looking . . . for fall colors (doesn’t really happen here)

Playing  . . . Etta James all the time, and with Trucks . . . all the time

Wasting . . . energy on things out of my control

Sewing . . . I’ve had fabric for pillow cases sitting in the trunk of my car for about two months now

Wishing . . .for it to get cold, and stay cold.

Enjoying . . . too many cookies from the new cafe around the corner

Waiting . . . to have a baby girl

Liking . . . rediscovering Texas with my family

Wondering. . . what will happen tomorrow

Loving . . . watching my husband watching my son, so much love there.

Hoping . . . for financial stability

Marveling . . . at the success of our new store

Needing . . . to continue and build on that success

Smelling . . . Christmas tree candles, all year

Wearing . . . my glasses more and more

Following . . . my toddler everywhere

Noticing . . . every millimeter Doiron grows

Knowing . . . I am lucky

Thinking . . . way too much

Starting . . . a new website for my store

Bookmarking . . . way too many blogs for my own good

Opening  . . . boxes upon boxes of fall clothing *cha-ching*

Giggling . . . when Doiron is naughty,  trying. so. hard. not. to.

Feeling. . . kinda overwhelmed, but determined.



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