v ê t u // #2

We had our first clothing tantrum this week.  When D put on his snazzy new car shirt he was very excited, he figured nothing goes better with a car shirt than car pants, right? Lightning. McQueen. Pajama. Car Pants. I compromised by letting him hold the pants while we put on his jeans, he was still dissatisfied but dealt.  Just a small dose of what I dished out to my mom for 5+ years arguing every morning to wear my leotards and tights to school . . . I might be the only second grader you know who repeatedly had the teacher telling them to put their clothes back on, as I would casually unbutton my denim shirt to reveal the swimsuit I snuck under my agreed upon clothes.  I remember my mom leaving explicit instructions for my grandmother when she went out of town, stating she was not to allow me to wear spandex to school . . . . yup I snuck it, poor grandma. . . poor mama.  Anyways, this morning after I got D dressed in his red Skinny pants he went running into the other room and returned saying “booz booz booz!!!!” no folks, he wasn’t asking for a mimosa, he was carrying his red emus featured in our first vêtu, booz is toddler talk for boots.  I thought about trying to convince him to wear his cons as I feared the red on red would be a bit much, but it turned out pretty cute.  I always told myself I would let him wear whatever he wants, not sure he’ll win the pajama pant argument too frequently but I’m sure I have many a negotiations in my future.   After we were fully dressed we headed out to our favorite neighborhood park, and the rest is history . . .

IMG_6233 IMG_6237 IMG_6275 IMG_6276 IMG_6246 IMG_6250 IMG_6269 IMG_6281 IMG_6257 IMG_6259 IMG_6264Skinny jeans and corduroy Jacket// Old Navy      Born Free Lion shirt// Austin Rocks     Boots// Emu


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