wear that baby

it’s international baby wearing week!  the very first piece of baby gear i thrifted was a moby wrap, and doiron lived in it his first few months of being.  i then found a sakura bloom sling and loved that just as much, ok maybe a little bit more because it’s slightly more stylish.  i set out to pull some of my favorite photos of doiron and i wrapped up together but uncovered many a daddy’n’baby photo that melted my heart all over again.  although most of these pictures are from doiron’s earlier months we still don our wrap every time we go out together and i love this so much more than a stroller or carseat.  there’s nothing to lug around and i get to cuddle with doiron and whisper in his ear.  also, i love that he’s on eye level with everyone else and is interacting face to face.  i have just submitted myself in the running to participate in the next sling diaries, i’m sure i wont be chosen, but its nice to dream.  enjoy these daily doirons from the past, I know i did.


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